Breakfast on the Beach at Kismet Cabana in Jersey

Kismet Cabana, an outside, street food kind of set up right on the beach in a bay in Jersey

There’s something about the combination of eating outside, fresh air and being able to hear the waves crashing on the shore that make it hard to beat.

This great little spot in Ouaisne Bay in St Brelade is just what you’ll want to blow the cobwebs away from the night before, and kick start your day in the best possible way!


Kismet is at the top of the car park in Ouaisne Bay, which I’m well aware sounds pretty odd.

Once you’re there, it makes a lot more sense because there’s a gentle slope which means you can sit overlooking the beach while having some food.

You also have the added benefit of being on the beach front but not in reach of the high tide!

Kismet Cabana, an outside, street food kind of set up right on the beach in a bay in Jersey

Kismet is a combination of brightly coloured outside seating, a cabin serving food and a marquee covering more seating.

In the sunshine it was absolutely glorious and we were the first to arrive and enjoy the warm morning. But, we were soon joined by locals with newspapers looking for a quiet spot for breakfast it’s clearly a well loved and frequented place.

There’s even a little spot for live music!


The menu is small and simple catering for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters with a mix of burgers, salad and jerk curry for a tasty looking menu.

Breakfast burritos, fruity oat mixes and topped ciabattas rule the morning menu.


We’d had a late night and were facing a long day of travelling ahead of us, so we wanted a good breakfast to see us through our next adventures in Jersey.

Posh and pretentious this is not, just good food in a relaxed setting. I’m actually really disappointed we didn’t make it here for dinner. This is for two reasons really, one is that the street food looks awesome and the vibe in the evenings looks a lot of fun!

For breakfast we ate the ‘Tropical Fruit Oats’ a coconut and chia oat blend topped with naturally sweet stewed tropical fruits and crunchy toasted coconut.

It was surprisingly creamy and very filling but not quite as heavy as a traditional oat porridge. I’ve not had anything like it before, it was very different.

Kismet Cabana

I love, love, LOVE places like this. Being able to sit outside in the elements, delicious food and being by the beach.

Kismet perfectly encapsulates that lazy long breakfast spot or spontaneous late night fun vibe that sums up summer perfectly.

It’s reflected in the venue’s event schedule of silent discos, beach club and live music

Take a look at Kismet’s website, current menu and upcoming events. If you’re headed to Jersey, and looking for some beach side fun, you’ll want to head here!

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