Breakfast at Josie’s

Josie’s offers all day breakfast at its cafes in Bishop’s Waltham, Winchester, Petersfield and Romsey.

These family run independent coffee shops across Hampshire are a firm favourite with the local brunch crowd.

Well known for it’s large fully loaded pancake stacks and excellent market town locations Josie’s is the kind of place you’ll queue for (and, trust me, every weekend people do!).

Fried chicken and fried eggs on pancakes at Josie's in Hampshire

Where can I find my nearest Josie’s?

Here’s where you’ll find Josie’s in…

Bishops Waltham – 6-8 High St, Southampton SO32 1AA

Winchester – 28 Jewry Street, SO23 8SA

Petersfield – 2-1 St Peter’s Rd, GU32 3HU

Romsey – 15 Market Pl, Romsey SO51 8NA

Visiting Josie’s

Josie’s has all round appeal thanks to a cracking menu, excellent coffee and an interior that strikes the right balance between being on trend and comfortable.

Each venue is styled out in a similar way too with simple wooden tables, large cake displays and Josie’s signature basil green signature colour.

While it’s definitely the sort of place you can hang out with family and friends, it’s also a great place for morning dates.

In the early days of my partner and I dating Josie’s was our weekend retreat. It gave us a little space from our house mates and lots of great memories.

The Menu

A wide selection of breakfast classics and modern offerings await you on the Josie’s menu. Pancakes with fancy toppings, toasties, tacos, wraps, burgers and loaded potato tots. Coffees, teas, smoothies, juices and milkshakes, give you plenty of drinks to pick from too.

The menu has dishes to keep the more traditional breakfast fans happy. But, enough to please the brunch crowd who are looking for something a bit different too.

Undoubtedly, the dish that gets the most attention and rightly so, is Josie’s pancakes. These fat pancake stacks tower high and it’s the most impressive meal to arrive at the table.

You can pick your number of pancakes, one, two or three, and top them with a range of toppings from maple and bacon to fruit or fried chicken.

If you can demolish a three stack pancake meal, you have my respect!

An example of the menu and dishes at Josie's cafe in Hampshire
An example of what’s on the menu at Josie’s

I definitely recommend trying the pancakes but, if that’s not your thing, there’s plenty of other dishes to try on the menu.

Personal favourites include the Breakfast Tacos, Brunch Burrito, any of the Benedicts and the Kim Jong Bun.

Psssst. Ssh, I’m also a big fan of the Avocado Poached Eggs because I’m basic brunch gal at heart and who can blame me when it’s so delicious!

Avocado and eggs on toast at Josie's in Hampshire

Brunch at Josie’s

Honestly, I can’t believe I haven’t written this post sooner. In fact, I was so convinced I’d written aout Josie’s that I went to reference it in another blog post and on social. Oops!

This is one of my all time favourite Hampshire brunch spots, I’ve visited for years and I’m excited if it’s a new discovery for you.

Friends and family love it and, it has become the place we tend to take people when they visit us from outside of Hampshire.

Visit Josie’s website

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