Breakfast by the river at The Longholme, Bedford

Breakfast by the river is the best way to romanticise your Saturday morning meal. Fresh air, tasty food and a catch up with friends and family in a place that feels like you’re in a film, well that’s one powerful aesthetic. These are my favourite kinds of places.

In the quaint parks of Bedford hides a brilliant little cafe by the rowing club called The Longholme. It balances those smarter vibes with some more casual ones and could easily be the scene for a cute date or a family catch up.

Even drizzly mornings can be perked up with a couple of hours beside a beautiful riverside, add in food and you’re golden.

It’s a hidden part of Bedford that you’re going to want to put on your visit list…


Longholme Island sits on the Great River Ouse between the upper and lower sections of the river. Head for the rowing club and you won’t miss it!

The cafe sits on the end of the clubhouse overlooking the river, you’ll see plenty of wildlife and apparently they even have otters that make a regular appearance and you can watch them playing in the water. I am here for those wholesome vibes!

The majority of seating is outside, or under a canopy and it is the perfect stop during a bike ride, a walk or just because it’s Saturday morning!

If it tickles your fancy you can even hire a boat too for some messing about on the river, in true Wind in the Willows style. Oh what a throw back, book of my childhood, wind…in…the…willows….RATTY! Moving swiftly on… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

One of the best bits is getting to sit under a canopy by the river, because the view is lovely and you feel like you’re a million miles from anywhere.

Although it was raining during my visit, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to know that this is a real spot to go to when the sun comes out. I quite liked listening to the rain fall on the water and the smell that you only get from rain on recently cut grass. Simple pleasures create the happiest vibes.


At The Longholme breakfast and brunch is King and anything else is a kind of light bite, soup or sandwich affair.

Popular favourites litter the menu like smashed avocado on toast, a fry up and scrambled eggs. But there’s a few gorgeous twists to the menu like an apple and cinnamon topping, a herby bacon hash and a crispy topped mac n cheese. You won’t be leaving unsatisfied, that’s for sure!

The pancakes sound ace too and there’s an option to top them with traditional maple and bacon or pecans, apple sauce, cinnamon and maple syrup. Hello Canadian goodness, get in my life! I kind of wish I lived here now, for the beautiful views and the delicious food!

Anyway, here I am getting excited about the menu again and I haven’t even shown you what I ordered when I visited!

I had the smashed avocado on toast and a side of sausage! I’d never normally pick that but it was just the hearty start to the day I needed after a long day of travelling the night before. Travelling late at night always makes me hungry the next day.

I also had a few bits of the creamy mac n cheese which was so good. I’ve never had this for breakfast before but I would always consider it moving forward, it’s the best kind comfort food!

The cheese doesn’t stop there either, the paninis are glorious and when the melted mozzarella and pesto turned up at the table I melted!

I mean there’s just something about melted cheese, especially mozzarella that hits the spot, and is just what you need around brunch time to see you through to dinner. You can’t beat those classic combinations.

The Longholme

Along with wonderfully hearty meals, the coffee is strong and fresh juices available too. I’d gone up to Bedford to visit family and this long lazy brunch catching up with them by the river was just what I needed, even in the rain!

There’s something so lovely about sharing food and talking, especially when you haven’t seen them in a long time.

The Longholme is a total dream and I’m going to try and head back when the weather’s better to sit with coffee and breakfast to try and spot those otters!✌🏻

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