Breakfast at The Winchester Orangery

The Winchester Orangery has recently opened and it’s as gorgeous as its Instagram indicated. Not only is it filled to the rafters with stunning material flowers but the black and white tiles, chic counters and glass topped tables will make you feel more like you’re on the King’s Road instead of the pretty lanes that frame Winchester Cathedral.

We started Good Friday right with a hearty breakfast, plenty of coffee and orange juice to set us up for a glorious four days free from work, commitments and poor weather!

Take a look around the newbie to Winchester’s foodie scene in a few of my snaps, I say a few…there’s ruddy loads. I couldn’t help myself it was so pretty and the staff were more than obliging – yes, I think I was indulged!

I knew the south would be influenced by London eventually and I am not sad about it. I love having nice places to go to spend my hard earned dosh rather than greasy spoons and places that look like they’d last seen a lick of paint in the 80s. I’ve worked hard, I want the aesthetic and the food to be excellent, I’m not ashamed to say this anymore!

While there was plenty of style I’m very relieved to say there was substance too. The menu is just about right in terms of choices and carefully mixes a variety of classics, like my order of Eggs Royale served on Hoxton Bakehouse toast, and few signature dishes that I’m sure it will become popular for. I think The Turkish, a Turkish beef sausage on a flatbread with labneh, poached eggs, spiced oil and dukkah, will be a real draw for the south’s foodie crowd.

The latter was served to the table next to us and I was green with food envy – it both looked and smelt delicious and the chap didn’t leave a morsel so I presume it went down well. I’m going to have to go back and try this, that and the evening cocktail menu of course!

My meal was equally delicious and kept me going for the rest of the day. You can’t beat a traditional brekkie of Eggs Royale, with Kings Somborne eggs which are locally laid and very tasty! There’s something indulgent and pleasing about the combination of smoked salmon, hollandaise and taking your time over breakfast or brunch. It’s one of the things that make me feel totally relaxed – a long leisurely meal, strong coffee and sunlight streaming through the window. PINCH ME! For a second there I felt like I was sat in a cafe in Paris or Mayfair not Winchester!

While I’m not a fan of a sweet breakfast (savoury all the way!) I have to say Henry (my other, taller, smart as a cookie better half) picked the waffles with bacon and maple syrup – they did look delicious and he said they were delicious, so all in all my punt on the pretty place for breakfast paid off. Phew!

Oh and I must not forget to mention the amazing coffee art, I had a turtle, which much to Henry’s delight I had it presented to me on its side so I thought it was an Easter egg. I felt silly, it’s quite clearly a turtle.

Henry however had an amazing horse/winged horse in the milk which I also thought initially was a raptor – blame Netflix, we watched Jurassic Park the night before! I mean, you look at it and tell me what you think it is. Horse or dino?

Even the tables are filled with gorgeous decoration from roses to oranges!
The cavern downstairs

This new discovery was the perfect start to Good Friday and some well earned time off. I’m pretty sure we’ll be heading back to The Winchester Orangery again soon – but what should we try first The Turkish breakfast or some evening cocktails?

If you’re live in or around the UK’s old capital take a trip to The Winchester Orangery for a very dreamy start to the day! Take a look at the menu but, it’s also worth noting there’s seasonal additions not mentioned online.

I’ll leave you with the last few snaps from a beautiful morning…

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