Breakfast at Southsea Coffee

Portsmouth is a treasure trove of great breakfast and brunch spots. I feel really spoilt to have all these awesome independents on my doorstep.

Southsea Coffee is no exception and a stellar cornerstone of the local food scene, it’s been thriving since 2013!

Plus it’s within walking distance of Southsea Common and the sea front. There’s nothing like a brisk stroll along the shore followed by food and coffee. That’s how you win at weekends!

Find out why this is one of my favourite places to go…


You’ll find this gem a few streets back from Southsea seafront and the common on Osborne Road, its green signage and wooden exterior is a little beacon of hope in a sea of grey shutters and concrete.

Inside Southsea Coffee

Step off the streets of Portsmouth and immerse yourself in all the Aussie coffee bar vibes. From the bespoke wooden built seating to the hanging plants, it’s an extremely inviting place that has a familiar charm.

There’s something really special about Southsea Coffee and I can totally see why it pulls such a crowd.

You can’t help but instantly like the place and it helps that it just has that certain vibe. I’m not sure I can explain it, you’ll have to visit for yourself, you’ll know what I mean as soon as you step through the door. This place is made from pure love.

Dare I even say the word hipster? It has such negative connotations but I LOVE HIPSTER. Good coffee, incredible food, cool art on the walls, hanging plants, friendly staff – I mean, come on, what’s not to like?

Long live the quirky independent hipster hangouts. We need you and your beautiful creativeness. And this, is exactly what Southsea Coffee is. A terrific all rounder absolutely smashing what it does.

If you read regularly you’ll know I’m a big supporter of local independents, chains have their place but give me a cafe like Southsea Coffee any day of the week. I’d pick this every time.


There’s nothing like the smell of freshly ground coffee and a hot cup of the good stuff.

Southsea Coffee showcases different coffees from their favourite roasters around the UK, with the aim of sourcing the best coffee possible to be brew with love and attention. The team is on a mission to get everyone to #drinkbettercoffee

For the real coffee geeks out there you’ll also spot the V60 and the Aeropress if that’s what you’re into too.

Nothing beats quality and the coffee here is goooooooooood, really good. Plus, there’s real diversity for the true coffee lovers out there which is never a bad thing.

I’m also a big fan of the thick shakes. I very rarely have them though because they are so filling but, I couldn’t help myself when I saw one delivered to the table next to me.

I’m pretty sure this was peanut butter and banana, I honestly can’t remember because I devoured it. I’m pretty sure Henry and I had a very night late before and this was our weekend treat.


The menu at Southsea Coffee is a little bit edgier than others in the area, it’s got bags of character and it’s serving up feel good food.

Yes, yes, yes to ticking all my boxes, you flipping’ beauty. It’s just one of those reliable little places where you know you’re going to eat well, see off that hang over and spend a quality few hours.

I also had mine with a side of smoked salmon too – because that’s what Sunday mornings are all about, a little bit of luxury. I mean look how pretty the presentation is – get on my ‘gram!
And yes, I eat a lot of avocado on toast, I love the stuff, can’t get enough of it. It’s my go to breakfast of choice and no one with a bee in their bonnet about social class is going to make me feel bad about what I like.
But, thankfully Henry shares…sometimes!
I was really surprised by these crumpets,  it wasn’t what I expected at all. It’s a weird mix of sweet and savoury but it really works. And, I didn’t get a look in, Henry gobbled these straight up!

Behold this mighty stack of morning treats! Henry enjoyed this too and it was the first time both of us had tried cashew cream – it’s light and so tasty, we’ll definitely try that again!


As you can see we had a rather decadent Sunday and it was so relaxing and it immediately shot to the top of our list when wondering where to go for a spot of breakfast in Portsmouth.

In fact, this along with a couple of other amazing places in Portsmouth means we tend to head in this direction whenever we’re looking for breakfast or brunch. It totally puts Southampton to shame.

Southsea Coffee exceeded our expectations and I can’t wait to spend many more hours appreciating the coffee and devouring dishes from the menu.

What a find!

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