Breakfast at Society Cafe, Bristol

Need a good independent coffee shop in Bristol?

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Society Cafe, this is an absolutely cracking independent cafe right in the heart of the city. It’s right on the corner of Farrs Lane, opposite the canal where you walk on real cobble streets – it is beautiful, the food is great, and I just totally love it.

Inside Society Cafe

Not only is the outside beautiful but inside is just as great!

I mean it’s so Instagram it hurts, in a good way, I mean if I’m honest this is how I want my house to look.

It’s got a cool warehouse loft feel and if I lived here, this is where I’d be spending my time.

There’s spaces for big parties, sofa areas, and desk space for people studying and working – it’s really well thought out.

My home town, Southampton, really lacks places like this *hint hint* Society Cafe if your next cafe could be in the South of Hampshire I would not be mad about it!

There was a little nod to Bristol’s street art scene with this mural on the wall perfectly juxtaposition against the buildings wooden beams.


A mango smoothie and chocolate banana bread for breakfast? Oh go on then!

I had the best start to the morning here, it was quiet, I read, did some work and spent some time chilling out before the day began. It was so relaxing and the sun was streaming in the windows, it was the perfect slow start to the day.

The cafe also has a fantastic curated selection of books to peruse if you’ve not got anything with you. The themes of the book were all centre around art, nature and design, on my table were a selection of beautiful nature photography, art and plant books which I had a flick through.


If you like coffee and wanted to find alternative brewing methods, Society Cafe is the place to head.

Not only were there an awesome selection of different blends to try but a whole range of different coffee products and methods of making coffee at home.

I also visited the Oxford branch recently too. We got coffee (obviously!) but couldn’t stop to eat. Oxford’s coffee scene is so poor and therefore Society was rammed constantly all day long because it’s one of the only independent coffee shops!

I’ll definitely be heading back to Society Cafe when I’m next in Bristol, it’s a smashing addition to the city centre and makes a break from all the chain restaurants and cafes surrounding it.

Supporting local independents is so important and these places, the independents that are fairly priced, have excellent produce and coffee and are just the most beautiful hang outs are where I want to spend my pounds. Because, let’s face it, I’ve not got a ton of disposable income and it matters where you spend it.

If you like the look of Society Cafe take a look at the webpage – it’s got branches in Bath, Bristol and Oxford.

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    1. Oh I’ll be sure to check it out – thanks 😊

      Yes, I know chains have their places and not everyone can always afford to support local but when I can I do. I love diversity on our high streets and it’s what makes our cities and towns interesting!

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