Breakfast at Cargo Coffee Bar in Jersey

The beautiful island of Jersey is nurturing an incredible foodie scene.

Cargo is one of my favourite spots on the island for coffee and brunch, it’s gorgeous interior and delicious food made for a relaxed morning before a full day of sight seeing.

If you’re heading to St Helier Cargo is an absolute must visit!

When you head to a new place it’s always tricky trying to find great places to eat and drink. Thankfully I landed on my feet on a visit to St Helier in Jersey and discovered Cargo.

It’s tucked away, a street that leads straight from Liberation Square so it’s easy to find and quick to get to and an absolute gem for a bite to eat and a cracking coffee.

Inside Cargo

It is down right dreamy, I kid you not! Skylights, hanging plants and a relaxed atmosphere, Cargo is hipster industrial coffee culture at its finest. It’s got that ability to make you feel welcome instantly and I find that so appealing.

I settled myself into the corner at a tall table with this view out across the dining area. Now this is the way to start a day right!

Bespoke steel and wood creations maximise the small space and give it a gorgeous aesthetic that you’d like in your own home.

It’s so lovely and welcoming and if it was in Hampshire I’d spend a lot of time here – Jersey residents are very lucky.

Coffee at Cargo

Cargo is clearly the place morning commuters grab a coffee on the go. There was a queue just for coffee when we arrived and so many people were in and out all morning.

Shelves full of beans and coffee making equipment line the walls and there were plenty of alternate milks on offer.

The coffee was really tasty and strong and I can totally see why it was so busy with commuters and coffee fans all morning.

Cargo’s Menu

This menu made my little heart SING!

It’s literally like all my favourite food on a menu, there was so much I wanted to pick. 😍😍😍

Henry, my numerically minded better half and I struggled to make a decision. We both would have been happy with pretty much anything from this menu.

My pick was the farm eggs any style with a side of avocado, it was simple, well executed and just what I needed after a very busy few days and morning stomping all over Jersey.

The two eggs I had poached and were covered in Ras el Hanout spices with wilted spinach, heritage tomatoes (incredible!) and served on organic sourdough toast. It was delicious!

Most ingredients were sourced locally and were scrumptious – why yes, I have just turned into Mary Poppins to describe this food!

Henry picked the Bourbon Roasted Pears – sourdough topped with vanilla ricotta honey and hazelnuts.

The nuts added a nice crunchy and texture to the smoother pear and ricotta with the honey sweetening it up and the bourbon giving it a little kick.

What a combination – Henry’s favourite fruit is pears and he loves whisky and vanilla so this was right up his street. I didn’t hear a peep out of him until the plate was clear.

Breakfast at Cargo

After a few long days sight seeing, breakfast at Cargo was exactly what was needed, a wonderful discovery that allowed us to recover and fuel up for our last day.

Henry and I were tired, grumpy and this quiet morning with fantastic food and coffee made us feel a little more human again. I only wish we’d gone back several times to sample more off the menu!

A big thanks to one of Henry’s colleagues who tipped us off about this place, we definitely wouldn’t have found it without their tip off and I am so grateful we did.

If you’re headed to Jersey Cargo needs to be on your list of food stops, a top recommendation that I’m so happy we didn’t skip.

Cargo, we’ll be back! 😘

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