Boxing Day merriment 2018

Let the festivities continue! Hello cold turkey, party games and getting time to try out those gifts you received yesterday! If you’re nursing a sore head, grab some breakfast and get hydrated – there’s fun still to be had and mince pies to be eaten!

I love Boxing Day, in our house it’s definitely an extension of Christmas Day and the focus is on spending quality time together. Today I’m always keen for a turkey leftover sandwich, with cranberry sauce and crisps shoved in it because yes I’m about seven going on eight!

Normally I’m playing games and having a laugh with my family, check out what games we play at home here…

Boxing Day merriment – it’s game time!

Just a short one from me today as I’m sure you’re all way to busy to be sat reading blog posts. So, like you, I’m off to have a wonderful day! Happy Boxing Day!

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