Boost your knowledge in 20 minutes with Joosr

Let’s set the record, books are precious. So it would be easy to think Joosr, a new app that condenses books in to shorter versions of themselves, is a threat to everything that makes literature great.

After closer inspection, it could help narrow down what you actually want to read, make use of that daily commute, and provide useful knowledge to look smarter at work.

Joosr takes a fantastic selection of the world’s non-fiction books and creates shortened summaries of them. Subjects include happiness, health and fitness, leadership, science and parenting. Titles range from classics like ‘How to win friends and influence people’, by Dale Carnegie, to new titles like the newly released ‘Happy’ by Derren Brown. Plus, they only take 20 minutes to read.

How the app looks on your phone!

I’d love to read more. Three years ago I did a Masters and I revelled in getting to spend time reading textbooks and buffing up on my chosen field, public relations. But I also love reading about science, improving myself and everything in-between. My preferred read is an autobiography’s or a non-fiction book where I’m learning something. I’ve a veracious appetite to consume but never enough time to actually make it through the books.

It also doesn’t help that the pile of books I want to read just keeps growing. I really would like to broaden my reading but also refine my reading pile. Disappointment always follows when I finish a book and it feels like reading it has been a waste of time.

This is why Joosr is a really good idea. It retains the key points but the delivery is in quick bite-sized chucks. It can even be inspiration to go on and read the full book.


Joosr offered me a free trial subscription and every week you get to choose five new books.

I decided on the following summaries to read…


The book I’ve already read…


Will it make the boat go faster?
By Ben Hunt-Davies and Harriet Beverage

I chose this as I have read the original book. I thought it would be good to compare it with the Joosr version to see the quality of their summaries.

This was a very accurate summary of the book, and the key takeaways were a lovely addition and recap. I think it obviously misses out some of the smaller steps to achieve your goals which is a pity and the condensed version loses Ben Hunt-Davies chatty style. But, overall the message and integral points were conveyed extremely well. I had to remind myself that this was an efficient summary to explain the message of the book, it’s not the book!

The book I’d like to read…


By Derren Brown

This has just been released and I loved the summary, which has made me want to get the book even more and read it in full. I need this book, much like his Miracle tour, I think this book has the potential to change my perspective and have a more healthy mindset.

The book to make me look smarter at work…


By Jonah Berger

Working in PR means I often think about what drives people to engage with social media and what makes an appealing news story. This book covers the psychological motivators and emotions that make people share content with others. It also covers what makes viral content succeed. Thought provoking stuff for my industry. It’s handy to show research to support ideas when suggesting them.

The book to help me with networking…


Go Pro
By Eric Worre

Any help on creating strong relationships through networking is helpful in public relations!

This book wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. Thankfully this summary brought that to my attention. It had some useful points on how to nurture relationships and networks but on the whole wasn’t exactly what I was looking for as it was geared up for the sales industry. I should have taken more notice of the word ‘marketing’ in the title. Even if a mistake like this is made, it’s still an interesting read and it’s only 20 minutes. Next week five new books can be picked!

The book to help me progress…


By Sophia Amoruso

This was recommended by the Stylist article written about Joosr. I’m really pleased I went for it as the summary was so motivational. This is another book I’d like to buy and read fully.

A Joosr subscription would make a great gift for the literature lover in your life, especially for that tricky person ‘who has everything’. Subscriptions are either £3.58 a month or £4.99 a month and can be purchased right up to Christmas Day! They’ve got a special offer on for Christmas at

It’s recently been featured in both The Guardian and Stylist Magazine, read the articles here…

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