Blogger and traveller camera recommendations from Jessops

Looking for a new camera? Well then this post might help! Jessops has returned to UK high streets. I caught up with Joe in the new Southampton store recently to get some camera recommendations for bloggers, vloggers and travellers for a range of different activities. 

I’ve always loved Jessops and as a kid I used to go in and get really excited at the developments in cameras. After looking at GoPros online it was the place I first laid eyes on one. Everyone knew it was the place to go if you were looking for a new camera.

The Internet is great for a lot of things but, I’m not that fond of shopping online for certain things.  I prefer to be able to physically feel and try out a product, especially when you’re spending a lot of your hard earned money. Being able to test a product in person, well that’s unbeatable in my eyes and that’s why I am so pleased Jessops is back!

I met Joe to check out some cameras currently at the 57th store launched by the company in West Quay, Southampton. We chose six  to look at that are currently on the market, three for bloggers and vloggers and three for travellers.

He gives great recommendations but says you really need to know your photography priority to work out which camera is right for you.

What’s your priority?

Now I’m no camera expert, so I’ve provided all the links to the camera specifications and I’ve written up all of Joes advice from the million of questions I asked him.

I’m on the hunt for a new camera and literally know nothing about them, so I found this advice really helpful and valuable research. I hope you find it useful if you’re a photography novice like me!

(Sorry in advance for my photography – that’s why I’m looking at cameras!)

Camera recommendations
for bloggers and vloggers

One – Panasonic GH5 12-60MM

Best all rounder

This was the top recommendation from Joe for a blogger or vlogger. It sits in the professional realm of cameras and is at the forefront of 4k camera technology.

Apparently Top Gear uses them to film a lot of the footage on cars and out and about for the television show because they are so good. You can even program it to recognise your face!

Joe says this camera needs a very good memory card, so don’t scrimp on this when you’ve committed to such an epic bit of kit. It’s also got a hot shoe for an additional microphone, flash and other accessories.

The pop out screen on the back is perfect for vloggers looking to do recordings whether they are sat still or on the move.

For the full time bloggers and vloggers of the world this is what I’d term the ‘dogs bollocks’ of camera kit. This camera is photography and video goals. Where’s that heart eyed emoji face when you need it?

There’s a ton of accessories and lenses, so if you’re seriously looking for a camera at this level I’d tell you to head into store to talk about your requirements.

Now if you gasped at the price, I totally understand because I did. Joe reassured me that normally cameras of this calibre are between £3,000 to £4,000 pounds and this comparatively offers great value for money. It’s great if you’ve got a lot to spend but, let’s have a look at some affordable alternatives.

Two – Canon EOS M3 15-45MM

Great value entry level

At the opposite end of this spectrum is this entry level Canon. Joe said that if you’re just getting into blogging and vlogging that this would be a great starting point.

This really appealed to me, it’s mirrorless and doesn’t have a viewfinder, so adjustments are seen on screen instantly and you don’t have to fiddle with the settings.

It’s got a compensator. Don’t know what a compensator is? I didn’t until recently either. It’s a little dial button that ever so slightly adjusts the brightness higher or lower. It’s great for use in the sun and can just tweak your image without you having to fiddle around with the the settings to adjust your image.

This feature won’t completely change your image though or rescue really bad light, think about this feature as a little tweak you can make to adjust pictures as you are shooting.

The screen on the back is great for vloggers and pops up, and straight out backwards but, it doesn’t swing round (not that it needs to!).

It also has a hot shoe mounting for a microphone and flash, so you’ve got options to improve your light and sound.

I found the camera light and easy to use. I should imagine with a little practice you’d be creating some brilliant images for your blog in a very short time frame. It may sound silly but it felt a nice size and weight for taking to events – not too bulky.

A newer updated version has just been released which has slightly newer technology and better mega pixels – so keep an eye out for this and any differences in price too.

Three – Panasonic TZ100 

Posh point and shoot with power features

This point and shoot packs a punch. One of the features I was most impressed with was that you can shift the focus on your photograph even after you’ve taken the photo – its called ‘post focus’. I don’t think I could explain it as well as the images show below.

The lantern in the background is the focus so everything in the front go the image is blurred.
Literally at the press of the button you can change the focus by touching the screen on the area you want to focus on.

Another great features for bloggers is that it has 24 filters so you can edit on the go. The pictures are in 4k and it has a viewfinder for more traditional photo taking.

You might be put off that the screen is built in but Panasonic have thought of a way round this. They’ve made an app for your phone which means you can see what your camera is seeing through your mobile! This could be a little too fiddly and annoying for vloggers though!

The flash is built in, so there’s no hot shoe mounting for accessories like a microphone or an external flash.

This camera is great for those bloggers that want a smaller compact camera that can still hold its own against the big boys.

Camera recommendations
for travellers

One – Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II 14-42MM

Best all rounder

I’ve had a few Olympus cameras before so I know how brilliant they are at capturing amazing images. I had an Olympus when I went to Vegas and I love my pictures from that trip.

This camera is super light, records great video and pictures and is perfect for sight seeing.

The lens is waterproof but the body of the camera isn’t. So you’ll weather some splashes and light rain but you can’t submerge this camera.

This video explains the impressive features far better than I do…

Two – Go Pro Hero 5

Best action adventure

For the thrill seeking adventurers out there you need a Go Pro in your life! I’ve got an earlier model and love the new additions the Hero 5 has.

Waterproof, action proof, it’s got accessories and attachments to capture your adventures in every way you see fit.

I can’t recommend one of these cameras any more highly, my advice on the Hero 5 would be to go for the action camera. On this version you can remove the battery (unlike the session!), so if you run out of juice you can keep a charged one in your bag and keep filming without any delay – perfect for travelling!

(Prices start from £139, but the action camera recommended currently starts £399)

Three – Olympus Tough TG-5

So where’s the middle ground? Are you part adventurer, part tourist? Do you need something to switch effortlessly between the two that’s affordable? Well here’s another Olympus well worth taking a look at, the Olympus Tough.

It does exactly what it says on the tin. Waterproof, freezeproof, shockproof and it has 4K video – what’s not to like?!

They’ve even designed the controls to be used more easily in cold weather when you are wearing gloves – how thoughtful!

It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, tough enough to endure extreme weather and still has excellent photo quality. They are still working on the video quality with huge leaps in technology with this model – it now films in 4k. However, if you’re looking for excellent video I’d recommend the other two cameras listed above. The camera specifications are higher and will achieve better video footage.

Useful accessories

  • Check out Jessop’s selection of camera filters – ask in store for the best one for what you’re looking to achieve.

  • Videomic, £85 – This will make sound for vloggers super slick, so if you’re serious about sound quality this accessory should be a top priority.

I hope you find this a useful place to start when looking for a camera or in addition to the research you’ve already done.

There will be another post soon with top tips for taking pictures if you’re a beginner!

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Thanks to Joe and the team at Jessops Southampton for their time and for teaching me lots about cameras!

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