Birchbox December

The Merry and Bright Box

Cute candy cane stripes!

To be honest, I had completely forgotten this was coming through the door. When it did, I felt a surge of excitement and then realised I had to wait all day to get home from work to open it. The candy cane wrapper made for a distracting companion on my desk.


A few beauty treats during the busiest time of the year were just what was needed to get glammed up for the Christmas party and social get togethers.

The seasonal ruby tones and the helpful addition of a drawstring bag gave the box a festive twist.



In this box I received…


  • Bobbi Brown- Smokey Eye Mascara (full-size RRP £23)
  • Benefit Cosmetics – the POREfessional: Matte Rescue (full-size RRP £21.50)
  • Percy & Reed – Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm (full-size RRP £18)
  • dr. brandt – PoreDermabrasion (full-size RRP £43)


  • Ciaté London- Fierce Flicks Eyeliner (RRP £15)



Bobbi Brown- Smokey Eye Mascara
Full-size RRP £23

Amazing! Hello big bold fluttering eyelashes. The kohl-pigmented formula is dramatically black and lengthens those lashes. It didn’t smudge when I wore it, but I would like to try it when I’m partying hard to see how it copes with a longer hotter session…of dancing and socialising, get your mind out of the gutter! The reviews are very good on the Bobbi Brown website so I’m keen to give this a go as my regular mascara.

None of my sample pictures really capture how great this mascara is, so I’d advise heading in to store to sample it to try it out.



Benefit Cosmetics – the POREfessional: Matte Rescue
Full-size RRP £21.50

This smells delicate like a delicious blend of aloe vera and cucumber. It’s a cooling treat for your face that leaves it so soft. My pores aren’t too bad, so this did the job very well leaving a matte finish, I could wear this and nothing else if I was doing a natural look.

I’d say this product diffuses pores, so if the pores being tackled are particularly prominent a different stronger product, a good exfoliator and skin routine may be needed. However, make up can be applied over the top to further disguise any pore issues.


The image above is a sample on my arm. It’s obviously still wet and you can’t see the wonderful matte finish it leaves but, it has a slight blue hue to it which dries completely clear. The weird creases are where I had been leaning on my arm!




Percy & Reed – Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm
Full-size RRP £18

The hair on my head is wild, thick and unruly. As my hair is in need of a cut, and is down to the middle of my back at the moment, I had to use a fair bit of this product to see any results. I’ve got the feeling on more normal hair this wouldn’t be the case. Unfortunately I used too much product on my first go and it did not leave my hair in a good way. Things were a lot better the second time and the Wonder Balm made my hair considerably smoother, softer and less dry. This was an excellent prep and prime product, but don’t get confused like me, this is not a styling product.

My advice with this is a little goes a long way, and if you have trouble with greasy roots, start applying the product from maybe an inch from the root. Remember that product can be added but it can’t be taken away without re-washing your hair and starting again!




dr. brandt – PoreDermabrasion
Full-size RRP £43

I’ve been having all kinds of issues that I don’t normally have with my face. A break out of epic proportions has made my chin a rival to the Himalayas. Fantastic. It’s party season – just my luck!

Thankfully this product couldn’t have come at a better time. The change in season and ‘chin-gate’ has left me feeling like I’ve gone three rounds with Jack Frost.

The salicylic acid and exfoliation is unclogging my pores and helping my chin to return to it’s former glory. The rest of my skin has benefitted too, evening out my skin tone and brightening my complexion.

With a minty fresh scent and fine particles which feel like they are getting into the nitty gritty, PoreDermabrasion leaves you feeling completely fresh faced. I’ve had microdermabrasion and this product is the closest I’ve come to replicating that process. Below you can see in the sample the product is packed full of tiny grains.

It’s not what it looks like…honest!

Application should only be one to two times a week, leaving at least three days between each application. I would love to try this product out for a month or two and photograph my face, as I think it would show great results.


Ciaté London- Fierce Flicks Eyeliner
RRP £15

I loved winged eye liner. I spend ages in front of the mirror perfecting the Amy Winehouse big black flick. Ciaté has a good version but I felt it could have a higher pigmentation, a slightly darker black that applied more cleanly. That’s me just being a bit picky, the only thing that really lets it down is the application brush. It needs to be longer and more tapered like Penultimate or Fluidline Pen from MAC or the Master Precise from Maybelline to achieve a good clear wing.

Swish and flick!

This was my second Birchbox and my favourite two products from this box was the Bobbi Brown mascara and the dr. brandt Poredermabrasion. The dr. brandt product was the one I was least keen on trying and it turned out to be one of the best in the box! It’s funny how making a snap judgement can be totally changed by sampling a product. This is where the Birchbox comes into it’s own!

I hope these reviews helped you either discover a new product or make you think about trying a subscription box.

I’ve had another bash at upping my photo-game. What do you think? If anyone has any hints or tips, pop me a message or comment.

Did you get December’s Birchbox? If so, what did you think and did you get something different to me? I’d like to hear your thoughts on these products. What worked and what didn’t for you?

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