BakeHouse24 in Winchester

Freshly baked goods and coffee, BakeHouse24 is a wonderful little spot for a snack or a light bite on the go when visiting Winchester.

Breads, pastries and cakes are their specialism with a real love for creating sourdough.

Love an artisan pastry and a cuppa? Take a look at these buns!


There’s several routes that will lead you to BakeHouse24 but the easiest I think is to head to Winchester High Street.

Follow it down until you come across St Thomas Street and a couple of minutes walk down there will have you walking through the door of BakeHouse24.


It’s a cosy set up inside, with room for about 10 people in total, but I really love places like this. Sometimes you don’t want to sit in a giant warehouse sipping a soul-less coffee from a multi-national corporation. Show me an independent, character and a carefully selected coffee blend any day!

Watch the world go by in one of the window seats!

By now I’m sure I’ve ranted enough about the importance of supporting independents.

It’s really important to me, my Mum was a small independent business owner and our high streets have started to look the same wherever you go across the country. While commercial chains are important too, it’s great to discover and support smaller independent places like this serving up a fantastic local offering.

There’s plenty of great books lining the wall from all of my favourite places to visit like Borough Market, Bread Ahead and Pitt Cue.

It’s really clear to see where it’s influences are from, and they are all places I absolutely adore.

With its cute logo, grey colour accents and foodie treats it’s a lovely addition to the independent food scene growing in Winchester.

Breads, Pastries & Cakes

There’s a wide range of baked goods on the menu and the main counter was laden with tempting treats. There were lots of vegan options too.

Henry went for the Bread and Butter Pudding and I had the Vegan Peanut Butter and Banana Cookie.

Both were, of course, devoured instantly and very much enjoyed. Henry really liked his bread and butter pudding, it’s not my thing but he loved it.

For me, that cookie was divine! YUMMY – can more of these get in my life please?

Top that off with good tea and coffee and it’s a win in my book. Henry had a coffee and I had the mint and ginger tea, and we took our spoils on a little wander around the cathedral and through the city centre.

Next time

I only stopped by for a caffeine fix and a mid-afternoon pick me up. I’d love to go back for a longer visit because a couple of meals, from the breakfast and lunch type dishes on the big chalk board, really caught my eye.

Hello, I’m looking at you Reuben Melt, PB and Banana toast and avocado on toast,  I’d like to try all of you! And, let’s not forget about all those cakes.

What a lovely place to stop by in the city, Winchester is truly blessed with some wonderful independents. I really like spending time there pottering about and making the most of my days off.

If you pop by, let me know what you try!

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