Art, fashion and comedy inspiration on Instagram

Witty Instagram accounts are a little slice of humour that brightens your day. I’m always looking for new people and inspirational feeds to follow on Instagram and this is my latest find.

Every day Angelica Hicks brings her comedy Warholesque illustrations to Instagram. A combination of art and comedy, some are silly funny and others convey her fantastic observation skills.

She’s quickly gaining a following and recently was featured in The Sunday Times Style supplement. That’s where I found out her parents are famous interior and fashion designer Allegra Hicks and architect Ashley Hicks – so drawing is in her blood!

Art’s always been a part of my life, and it’s only recently that I realised so much is available through the social media platforms I regularly use. Once I found a couple of feeds I liked, it quickly snowballed and now I have a few to balance out the other travel, yoga, sport, celebrity, beauty and fashion accounts I follow.

Click here to view her Instagram @angelicahicks


Have a look at some of her posts…



If you’re looking for other fashion artists on Instagram, I’ve picked a few for you to look at…





  • Helen Downie known as Unskilled Worker


Or if you prefer a range of many art and design aspects have a look at…


Instagram offers so much visual variety, on many different topics. Having images curated globally from all the different things I love is a fantastic source of inspiration.

It’s also really important in PR and blogging to have a constant stream of ideas from topical things so when it comes to brainstorming you come up with relevant suggestions or concepts.

May this post fill your Instagram feed with fun fashion, art and, most of all, inspiration!

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