April Fool’s Day 2017 round up!

This year companies have gone all out on April Fool’s Day. I’ve been keeping a keen eye on social media, TV and the newspapers today to round up a selection of the best for you.

So here’s the April Fool’s Day jokes I’ve seen today…

  1. Marmite, you either love it, hate it or feel indifferent? Meh.
  2. Google Maps turned into a Ms Pac-Man street game.
  3. Netflix debuted a live show where Will Arnett provided “live” commentary on a number of regular appliances. It was very quickly cancelled and Dave from analytics we’re pretty sure has been shown the door.
  4. Visit Scotland had a real Nessie sighting caught on camera…
  5. Er, Durex has some interesting new products coming out.
  6. Superdrug is raising some eyebrows by bringing back the monobrow.
  7. Women Health has genetically modified an avocado. Millennial pink perfection for foodie hipster heaven.
  8. The Telegraph has spotted wild polar bears in Scotland.
  9. Knickers from Snickers!
    Watch the video…

    The video was followed up by social media supporting their current “You’re not you when…” campaign and the @Orchidcancer charity.

  10. Veuve’s act of magic…
  11. My Protein’s puppy protein, for the discerning pup that never skips leg day.
  12. Subway launched savoury ice cream, and we’re not talking the Heston Blumenthal kind.
  13. Small Batch Coffee Roasters created a new coffee blend courtesy of the local seagulls.
  14. Google Gnome for all of your gardening needs. Watch the You Tube…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNOllWX-2aE
  15. Guinness went into reverse.
  16. Oreo ditched the biscuit part.
  17. Krispy Kreme got spell checked. Watch the video by clicking this link to Twitter. The great thing about this one was that they did it the day before in March and although it was just for the UK, it went out the the USA too, so people actually fell for it!
  18. Kopparberg has invented the shower cider.
  19. A real lion is going to lead The British & Irish Lions out on to the pitch during the New Zealand tour this year.
  20. Land Rover BAR present Robbie Savage as their final sailing team member.
  21. Domino’s creates pizza friendly post boxes.
  22. 220 Triathlon announced that President Donald Trump is to compete at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii this October.
  23. The Guardian had the exclusive on George Osbourne’s seventh job, a fashion designer. He’s bringing hi-vis parliament chic to the catwalk, darling.

PHEW! 23  jokes later and I am done. I hope you didn’t get caught by any of these!

What is your favourite? Have you seen any others? Share them with me in the comments section!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

4 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day 2017 round up!

  1. Thanks for the laughs, Rebecca. I didn’t see many April’s fool jokes this year, so thanks for rounding them all up for us. If I had to pick a favourite then it would Google Gnome. Had me in stitches.

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