Anniversary dinner at The Florist in Bristol

Henry and I celebrated five years together with a rather sumptuous meal at The Florist.

Take a look at this Bristol foodie hotspot and its beautiful Instagram worthy interior!

We stumbled across this gem during a day trip to the South-West and it could not have been more perfect. From the decor to the scrumptious grub, we had a really great meal before heading to see one of our favourite bands at a local venue.

If you haven’t guessed already, I rather like The Florist and wish one was closer!

A quick FYI, this post is picture heavy – keep scrolling for those interior shots that will have you booking your train tickets to Bristol in no time! Oh, and before the ASA come calling, The Florist haven’t asked me to review it, I just had an amazing experience that I thought I’d share with you! #notandAD

Anyway, on to the good stuff…that’s my silly face below enjoying the Pineapple Viola Punch in front of one of the amazing flower walls. Yep, I’ve finally joined the flower wall band wagon, I’m a fully fledged Instagrammer now! 😂😂😂

Oh hello you!
The ingredients in my delicious cocktail!

The Florist has several branches, the one I visited in Bristol, Liverpool and another opening in Watford in 2019. I wish we had one closer to us in Southampton!

From the moment you enter it’s hard not to want to embrace your curious side and look around, the aesthetic is stunning and there are flowers everywhere.

I mean everywhere…flowers hang from the ceiling, the walls and in frames as pieces of art.

As well as a serious floral theme fun there’s neon lighting in prominent places and just a great level of and attention to detail.Once we’d had a good look around we settled down with our cocktails on the third floor and toasted to spending five whole years together. The time has flown and in some ways it doesn’t feel like five years and in another respects I feel we’ve achieved a lot. Here’s a big cheers to a big mile stone in our relationship!

It was a celebratory meal and we did not hold back, it’s rare I can manage a whole three courses but I worked my way through tasty prawns to start, a spiced hanging meat dish for mains and a popcorn creme brûlée pudding. I swear I must have hollow legs, well that’s what my Mum used to tell me anyway!

Mains – I don’t know how to describe this other than a very fancy hanging meat affair!


Delicious popcorn creme brûlée

It was a really good meal and I had been worried that somewhere so beautiful might not be able to live up to the hype. But, it did and I was so relieved. And, I thought the price point was pretty reasonable given the aesthetic and location. Take a look at some of the other amazing dishes on the menu.

Here’s a few more snaps from our visit so you can get a good idea of just how beautiful this converted three storey town house is! I’d love to head here for a cocktail evening, the drinks were excellent and they run regular music events and masterclasses. I’m sure we’ll try and head to the Watford one as soon as it opens.

Anyway, enough from me, let me know what you think of The Florist and I hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures!

The third floor has open beams and hanging flowers

Lanterns and rose trellis create cosy corners
Even the toilets match the theme!
Beautiful rose murals cover almost every inch of wall space
I wish I’d had more time to take better photos of this corner!

The outside fits in with Bristol’s graffiti scene – and is easily spotted walking down the street.
The Florist is situated on Park Street in central Bristol
We wish you were beer!

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