And I said, “What about Breakfast at Rawberry’s?”

You know me, the mere whiff of some freshly ground coffee and a flash of bright green avocado will have me seeking out the newest foodie spot to try.

So it was inevitable that I was going to be instantly drawn to Rawberry and it’s raw, veggie, vegan vibes!

Come and take a look around…

Nestled in the heart of Winchester you’ll find Rawberry just off Jewry Street down St Georges Street. I’ll give you the heads up now, this post is image heavy. There’s so many gorgeous things to take pictures of and I just couldn’t help myself – sorry, not sorry!

The food is delicious, good for you and bloody beautiful. Everything is simply well done, friendly staff, chilled music and a whole lot of good food and drink. A lot of words aren’t needed for this beaut of an establishment. So although I’m going to write a little I think I’ll let the pictures take centre stage.


The menu and drink choices are all listed conveniently on a big grid behind the counter. Smoothies, juices, coffees, healthy shots and a range of interesting sounding hot chocolates await you!


As you can see from the menu above the drinks list is huge!

We had a big brunch to set us up for a busy day starting with a green smoothie called Green is the New Black which had pineapple, avocado, spinach and coconut water in it.

I had a the avocado on toast, Henry had the porridge and we then shared an açai bowl and a lot of lattes.

All of our food was incredibly fresh and full of flavour. The smoothie had a silky frothy feeling from the avocado and wasn’t super sweet. It felt like you were drinking something that was going to do some good.

I’d never thought of adding pomegranate seeds to avocado toast. This is a game changer, those tiny little gems add crunch and a refreshing punch of flavour that cuts through the avocado. I will defo be adding some when I make this at home! Plus, the bread was from the Hoxton Bakehouse that sits just around the corner. It’s the ta-tas, aka it’s blinking good bread.

Henry’s Pure + Simple porridge was incredible, sweetened with vanilla and honey (I had a few spoonfuls!). They’d run out of honey so he had maple syrup and it was topped with nuts, banana and blueberries. Oh my it was so good! I wish I knew how they combined those ingredients to make it taste like that!

After a month of regularly scoffing açai bowls in Australia it was nice to be able to get an açai bowl without having to cobble one together with ingredients from Waitrose.

Yes, Waitrose, not many places stock açai products. Let’s not go into this now. I’m somewhere between Tesco blue stripe and Fortnum & Masons – just deal with it – OKAYYYYYY (That’s my inner Ru Paul coming out and part of me hopes you read it in her glorious Louisiana tones!)

Colourful lattes

Henry and I shared a Charcoal Latte, a Tumeric Latte and a Beetroot Latte. You can tell which is which from the distinctive grey, yellow and pink colour each have.

The charcoal is meant to draw out toxins from your system, the tumeric has numerous benefits and a calming effect on the gut and I’m not sure what the beetroot one is meant to do! The tumeric and beetroot I had made with coconut milk and the charcoal with oat milk.

My favourite of the three was, to my surprise, the tumeric one. The charcoal one was tasty and fairly plain, not in a bad way, in comparison to the tumeric and beetroot.  It did taste of charcoal but, I have no idea how to explain the flavour of it.

The beetroot one was sweet and earthy and I should imagine if it wasn’t made with coconut milk that the flavour would be even stronger. I think if you like beetroot already then you’ll like this drink. I don’t like beetroot but it’s good to try things out – you never know what may surprise you!

It was so good to have something was wasn’t overly processed with sweetners and syrups.

Sorry that’s probably a few too many pictures but, holy gucamole, those drinks were so pretty!

I cannot wait to go back, I love that you can balance healthy and eating out together. It’s a massive treat with the added bonus of nutritional goodness.


Rawberry is SO instagram, but in a good way, it feels familiar and has a lovely relaxed atmosphere. The look is industrial but there’s also a lot of plants and homey additions. It’s got lots of Australian influences and if you’d have told me his was a cafe in the lanes of Melbourne I’d have believed you. I’m not sure if this is on purpose or not, hell, I don’t care. Anything that reminds me of my incredible trip is good in my books.

I really enjoyed my morning at Rawberry* and want to go back and try so many other things on the menu – I think next time I’ll try the bircher and the super food hot chocolate.

This is an amazing independent cafe** on my doorstep striving to offer something different and DANG, it really hits the mark spot on. We need more of this across the UK and I am so pleased it’s found a home in our sunny corner of the south coast.


Have you been to Rawberry? Or, somewhere like Rawberry? What do you think of this kind of cafe?


*THIS IS NOT AN AD –  If I like something I’m going to share it. My opinions are my own. Ok, I wasn’t keen on the beetroot drink but you might be!  I don’t like a lot of other things like Brussel sprouts, honey and doughnuts and I know a lot of people like these things! BUT, that’s the beauty of blogging. I’m sharing this lovely gem and my personal opinion with you.

**LOVE YOUR LOCAL – Support our independent cafes because without our support we won’t have lovely places like this to go and commercial chains will take over the universe. AND, although there’s nothing wrong with a chain, diversity on our high streets is what makes us interesting. Like Groove Armada said – if everybody looked the same, we’d get tired of looking at each other. I don’t want to go to every town and city in the UK to be confronted by exactly the same shops and restaurants – I’m not sure who does?! So, support your local, rant over.

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