An evening at Winchester Christmas Market 2019

In the crazy countdown to Christmas every weekend in the lead up was fully booked and this year’s annual trip to the Winchester Christmas Market was in jeopardy!

It always makes me feel festive and as it’s so close to home and I was gutted at the thought of missing out on it.

Spontaneity struck and Friday night after work I picked up Henry and surprised him with a visit in the evening.

Take a look at how stunning the market is as night…

Walking down Winchester high street is really stunning and it looks like a postcard.

The festive lights really transformed the old beamed buildings, statue and tiny side streets.

With darkness came light! The cathedral and the market were lit up beautifully with multicoloured uplights, fairy lights and stall holders.

Every tiny detail was softened by the glow of the lights and it gave the market a magical feeling that I’d never experienced before.

Before we went in we stopped for a mulled wine by the entrance of the cathedral and admired how stunning it looked with the lighting.

Getting to Winchester was much easier too, there was no need to pay for car parking as it was free after 6pm and the mad crowds that we normally experience at the weekend were nowhere in sight!

The market was much calmer and we could walk around freely taking in the atmosphere instead of strategically planning our day to fit everything in.

I found it a much better experience and I managed to see lots of things I usually miss.

It was nice to stop half way round and have some food, I was hunting for the raclette stand as I’ve never tried it before but I didn’t see it this year. I ended up with a bratwurst sausage covered in slow cooked onions, mustard and ketchup and it was glorious!

We wandered round the stalls, sipping mulled wine and looking at decorations and considering gifts for our friends.

We stopped in the centre to look at the ice skating rink too. I gave it a miss though as the Bambi on ice look isn’t becoming and as I seem to have a loyalty card at A&E this year which I don’t think needs another stamp in! 😂😂😂

Instead I stood with my partner Henry watching the world go by on ice. We saw cute first dates, couples in love and loads of friends having fun as well as plenty of people having a few wobbles!

It was so romantic and I loved seeing how cute the rink looked, everyone was having such a wonderful time.

We had a great time and I think this must be the sixth year Henry and I have gone together, it’s become a real tradition and I love Christmas traditions!

I’ve never been to Winchester Christmas Market in the evening and it was an incredible experience that I’ll definitely be repeating next year!

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