An Easter treat at YSL – the new Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow Foundation

On my quest to achieve a better on camera look for my vlog, I was invited to my local Yves Saint Laurent counter at Debenhams to try the new Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow Foundation.

At the same time I had my make up done and discovered a few other beauty products from the famous fashion house. Here’s a review, swatches and my final finished look.

The new foundation from YSL and other products I tried

I’ll give you a quick heads up on  why I’m venturing into the land of beauty blogging. If you’ve not seen my vlog, you won’t know that I quickly realised I needed to up my make up game. In my recordings I was looking like a little tired panda!

Vlogging is already a huge step out of my comfort zone and the big dark eyes and a blotchy complexion didn’t make me feel at my best, or encourage me to keep filming. Yes, I’m a bit vain and needed a bit of a confidence booster to keep putting my face on YouTube.

I’ve already ventured to MAC on International Women’s Day to get some expert instruction and tuition, so I this was the perfect opportunity to keep the ball rolling.

I’m really enjoying trying new products and learning new techniques that will keep me looking a lot more fresh faced on camera.

On Easter Saturday I headed over to Debenhams to meet Michaela at YSL for my tutorial*. I forgot how huge the department store is in Southampton and how big the beauty counters are. I spent a good half an hour before my appointment looking around – it was bliss!

There’s no make up on that face!

Here’s my face before we got started, completely make up free. Hi face!

I think most women will have had the Touche Eclat Complexion at some stage in their beauty tool kit. It’s a staple and one I’ve used for years. It banishes tired eyes and when used for its correct purpose it’s a brilliant highlighter.  I love that it’s light and brightens and doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a million layers of make up.

The new foundation from YSL is the Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow Foundation, which has joined the same range as the original Touche Eclat.

Getting a good base before applying any foundation is key. It controls oily and dry patches and means your foundation goes further and does the job it’s meant to.

First of all a good moisturiser went on my face, the Top Secret Instant Moisture Glow, an ultra-lightweight blur perfecting moisturiser. This was soft and light and really up my street, my face just can’t handle moisturiser that’s too heavy unless it’s really very cold.

I’ve got quite sensitive skin on my face and I didn’t have a problem with this moisturiser at all. I was pleased as sometime my skin really kicks off with certain products and goes red, blotchy and very angry.

Then on top of that, the All Hours Primer was applied to help lock the foundation in place.  This primer creates a more matte complexion but, it doesn’t feel as heavy as the silicon based primers I’ve tried from other brands. It’s so much lighter than that and just as soft. As you can tell I much prefer lighter products.

Next up was the new foundation, it was very cooling and again, very light. It has got a lot of coverage, enough to even out your skin tone and it will help to conceal any blemishes but, it doesn’t offer full coverage.

The shade that was used on my face is B20. I’m quite pale and find it easier to keep my foundation lighter and bronze myself up otherwise the foundation tends to make me look too yellow. I’ve taken three swatches below, directly on the skin, rubbed in a little and fully rubbed in so you can look at the product in several stages.

Here the foundation is directly put on the skin with minimal blending in
The foundation is partly blended in
The foundation almost fully blended in

This was perfect for me as my skin doesn’t need a full coverage product. I suffer from break outs (hey, who doesn’t?!), I tend to use a good concealer to cover those out or let the air get at them to try and speed up the recovery process.

My face with the first three YSL base products on – angled view
My face with the first three YSL base products on – side view
My face with the first three YSL base products on – face on

Here’s my face with these three products on them. I was so pleased at the result, I didn’t look caked up to the nines in product. It was a natural look that was slightly dewy and made your skin look bright. Adding a powder would take away that the dewy look so from this stage it’s what you prefer.

I’m a bit annoyed at the picture to be honest, I took it too quickly, and I don’t think it shows off how good this base looked.

These three products were really impressive and if you’re looking for lighter bases to head into the summer these are worth a look at.

I’m a big fan of the new Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow Foundation, it’s £33.50 and think it’s one I’ll save up for and get next month. Until I’m earning mega bucks I’ll have to use it on the weekend and going out, so I don’t blitz through it too quickly as I have a habit of doing that when I love a product!

I thought that would be the end of my YSL experience but Micheala treated me to a mini make over and I ended up walking out looking like the ultimate glamorous version of myself.

All the YSL products Michaela used on my face!

Below is a list of the products she used, and the final look. I went for something bold as I love colour and used to wear brighter palettes all the time. I now fall into the smokey brown eye trap and felt like this was the perfect opportunity to break from my comfort zone.

  • Glow Shot No 2
  • Les Sahariennes No3 Sunkissed Blur – cream blush
  • Kiss and Blush No 8 – cream to powder consistency
  • Couture Palette No 5
  • The Shock – black mascara
  • Vinyl Couture No 8 – gold mascara
  • Couture Eye Primer in Fair
  • Tatouage Couture Matte Stain No 7 – a light, matte lip stain
  • Top Secrets Setting Spray
  • Mon Paris Couture – the new perfume, which is fresh, floral, glam and girly. It’s a bit addictive, I couldn’t stop smelling the bottle!
Mon Paris Couture – the new perfume

My favourites from this list was the Glow Shot, the Couture Eye Primer and the Tatouage lip stain.

Touche Eclat Glow Shot No 2

The Glow Shot was versatile and is such a beautiful highlighter – I wish I had a swatch of this now, it is iridescent without being too in your face.

Couture Eye Primer in Fair

The eye primer totally turned my world upside down, I’ve added bases to my eyes to try and achieve what this product does. It worked so well. When I was chatting to my friend on face fime at 11pm, the same night, my eye make up had not budged – that’s over 12 hours later! Boom – get in my shopping basket you beauty!

Last but not least is the Tatouage lip stain. I’ve always wanted to try a matt lip colour and previously have been way too scared to. But, Michaela made me feel so comfortable that I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give it a go.

This goes on with a cleverly shaped applicator and sticked like glue without drying my lips out or feeling thick. It was amazing. I think the number 7 isn’t exactly the right shade for me though. It worked with this look but, I think I’d go for a slightly lighter shade or a nude so I would feel more comfortable wearing the shade.

The best bit is that the lip stain creates THAT Instagram lip look – the gorgeous matt lip that glams up every look.

Here’s my final look…

Finished front view
Finished side view!
Eyes shut so you can get a good view of the amazing eye colour!

Michaela, the YSL counter manager, was so friendly and helpful and if I said I wasn’t keen on something she was really quick to adapt. This made me feel so comfortable and we had a good old chat about all things beauty.

Have you tried the new Touche Eclat All-in-One Glow foundation or any of the other products? What do you think of them?

Goodie bag will go up on the April 2018 vlog

A big shout out and thanks to Michaela, YSL and Debenhams for the invitation.


*PR Experience – but all the views are my own, otherwise what’s the point?!

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