All hail the sock saviour!

Talking about problem feet is fairly embarrassing. Harsh seasons and busy lives take their toll on our soles and no one wants to put sandals on with unsightly cracks on their heels.

SockShop has invented beautyfeet, a heel pad sock, to help with this very problem.


It’s time to over-share a bit. We’re all human and I have decided to share something personal in the hope that this might help someone else. I have problem feet. I find it horrendously embarassing. My number one issue is eczema and right there in second place are my dry heels.

When the lovely team at Sock Shop said they would send me some beautyfeet to try I thought it would be a great opportunity to see if a pair of socks could help.

After Christmas, my birthday and a very busy first few weeks back at work running around it was the perfect time to see if these would work.

The socks have a patented heel pad to treat the hard, dry and rough skin. They contain Chinese herbal ingredients and nano silver technology to nourish and soothe the heels. It works by assisting the sebaceous gland and sweat glands to soften the skin.

They look like normal socks!

There is a special pad in the sock that uses this technology to revive cracked heels. For the best results it is advised to wear the socks eight hours a day for at least two weeks.

The heel looks more square but it’s not uncomfortable!

The socks look normal, and rather than the snug fit of cotton around the heel it feels slightly more boxy and rigid. Although it feels a little different, it’s still very comfortable.

Results can be seen after one day, after four days the skin should significantly soften and between seven and 14 days it is predicted that it should totally revive the skin on your heels.

As I’ve only got one pair, I decided that wearing them at night while I sleep is probably the best way for me to wear them. It means I can wash them frequently but still wear them consistently enough to let the product activate.

I was willing to give them a go, but I was also very sceptical. Usually to resolve this issue I’m regularly applying moisturiser by the bucketful to my feet, comparatively this is a very different approach.

Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised, I am so glad I tried them. There was a definite difference after just a day and that’s a big claim to live up to.

The improvement continued over the the two weeks of wearing them. I’ve not always managed to wear them every day but I’ve seen a vast improvement.

I still think that I will need to regularly moisturise to maintain my feet but these are being added as a firm favourite to my beauty routine. I think we might be sole mates!

I’m really pleased with how my feet are looking, I’m going to keep wearing them so I can start getting my feet ready now for when spring and summer arrives.

Oh and if you were worried about washing them, like I was, the technology lasts for at least 300 washes and they can go in the washing machine. Bonus points for practicality beautyfeet!


Thanks so much Sock Shop for sending me a pair to try out.

Head over to to have a look at beautyfeet on the Sock Shop website.

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