Adventures in Arundel

Arundel Castle

The brilliant thing about true friends is that when you do catch up with them it is like you’ve never been apart. 

You know you’ve got a friend for life when this is the case. There’s something life affirming and brilliant about it. It’s the sign of a proper friendship.

Last week I got to catch up with Lisa, a friend I’d made during my PR Masters. I haven’t seen her since we graduated almost three years ago.

She’d come over from Brussels and I decided to take her to see Arundel Castle, a quintessentially British .

Seeing her was a real boost and I hadn’t realised just how much I missed her. The weather on the day was glorious and it proved to be the perfect place to chat and share everything we’d been up to over the past few years.

It was an excellent day out and I’d recommend visiting if you’re looking for something to do on the south coast.

Afterwards we took a stroll into the town and found a great little place called Motte & Bailey Cafe to have some tea and cake.

Here’s some pictures of the day, I hope it offers you a bit of escapism like it did for me. The grounds and castle are stunning! There aren’t many pictures from inside as it’s banned in most of the rooms. Enjoy!

The Keep at Arundel Castle
The view from the Keep
Another view from the Keep
The castle’s grounds
Lisa looking lovely in the castle gardens!
Beautiful stained glass windows inside the castle
The view from the chapel
The flowers in the grounds were gorgeous and in full bloom
This picture was so well timed, it’s almost as if the bee is posing!
The exotic flowers made us feel like we were somewhere tropical, not in England!
That’s me! I feel like this was a path to a magical narnia land, infact it just lead to a rather beautiful crown fountain
Pictures cannot convey how beautiful this fountain, the jets and the waterfall are. None of the pictures I took did it any justice. This was my favourite place in the whole of the grounds.
The beautiful crown fountain. A jet of water was keeping the crown up – it was very impressive!
Arundel Castle is very close to the Cathedral
Sunflowers catching some rays
This cool hut had benches in it as was a welcome stop in the shade
I captured the castle!
The rose garden next to the castle had all it’s roses in bloom. It looked and smelt amazing!
The rose garden at Arundel Castle
Beautiful roses!

If you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend then I really recommend heading to Arundel Castle!

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