Achieving that on-screen look with MAC cosmetics

Let’s face it, make up for the screen is a lot different to your every day look. At the moment I’m trying to find my feet with my photographic and video make up.

Someone, whoever you are, nominated me for a free make over with MAC, in John Lewis West Quay, for International Women’s Day.

This was the perfect opportunity to get some expert advice on make up for the camera. I booked my appointment a few weeks later and here are the results.

You can watch my make over in the first part of March’s vlog…

It’s difficult to look at the make up they’ve done in the video properly if you’re looking to recreate the look.

So here’s the final pictures from my make over at MAC in John Lewis, West Quay Southampton.

Face on!
Side view
Close up side view

The look is super glam and the base looks great on camera. I don’t think I could do the eye make up for every video but for certain events and occasions it’s perfect!

It did give me a good lesson in contouring though. I can find my best cheek lines by making a cute pouty fish face and running my bronzing brush in a curve to follow it. Top tip!

My favourite product from the make over was the MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Beaming Blush, I’d bought Oh Darling! last time and am completely obsessed with these highlighters. They really are something else and I get so many comments when I wear them.

It’s used lightly in the make over images above. Swatches don’t really do this product any justice. Get yourself to store to try these out to understand the level and intensity that these highlighters have. They are definitely in my every day make up and will have your face popping on sunny days and luminous on those hazy summer evenings.

Are you looking to create a good make up base on camera? Or, are you doing it already?

Have you got any tips for me? If so, post a comment below, the more help the better. I’m struggling!

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