A yoga challenge for September

September is National Yoga Month and I’m taking on the #yogagirlchallenge to practice #yogaeverydamndayThe challenge has been set up by famous yogi Rachel Brathen to encourage practice and join the yoga community together. Every day for 30 days I’m going to hit my mat and do what feels right.

Rachel Brathen
Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl – Picture from http://www.instagram.com/yoga_girl

Rachel launched the challenge on her Instagram page on the 30 August with this post:

” We’re going old school! Who is ready for #yogaeverydamnday ??? On September 1 we kick off a 30-day challenge: to practice yoga every day for 30 DAYS STRAIGHT! Every day, get on your mat and practice. Move with what the day has brought you, whether that’s a 90-minute flow practice or 5 minutes of meditation. Share a post related to your practice and that describes how you feel (it does NOT have to be a photo of yourself in a yoga pose – this is not your regular yoga challenge that tells you to put your body in a pose). In your caption, get real! Be vulnerable and open your heart. After the 30 days are up, one winner will win an amazing prize: a spot in one of my yoga retreats in Aruba next year! And ten winners will win subscriptions to our online yoga platform @oneoeight.tv 💪🏼
In every post, tag me @yoga_girl and #yogaeverydamnday ❤️ I’ll post a reminder post the day before we start (August 31) and will share a photo of my own practice every day of the challenge.
I started #yogaeverydamnday as a way to encourage the community to get on the mat almost five years ago and now it’s hit over 10 million tags! I’m excited to revive the challenge after half a decade🙏🏼 TAG ALL YOUR YOGA FRIENDS BELOW! Let’s prep and get ready!🌸✨😘 Yoga every damn day coming soon! #yogaeverydamnday#yogagirlchallenge #yoga #practice#community “

I am hoping this challenge is going to keep me on the straight and narrow when it comes to my fitness efforts as well as help my mind.

Stress and anxiety have been causing me all kinds of issues lately and yoga will be a great way of slowing everything down to give me some perspective.

I find that yoga is amazing at clearing my mind, great for taking some time out and for stretching my limbs. I’ve always wanted to do more yoga so now is my chance to make it a bigger part of my life.

I started my challenge on the 30 August with a yoga class in the park to ease me into things. Jeneen has been hosting the ParkLives Southampton yoga sessions which are running until the end of September. Read my post about the ParkLives Southampton yoga sessions to find out more.

Here’s a great article from Wanderlust if you’re looking for ideas on how to celebrate and participate in National Yoga Month. 

Last year Yoga Journal created different practices for every day of September, the articles called Daily Practice Challenge: Commit to Your Mat for 30 Days and the links to the yoga are near the bottom.

Are you doing the #yogagirlchallenge? If you are pop me a message and your details so I can follow you and we can support each other through the month!

One day to go!

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18 thoughts on “A yoga challenge for September

  1. This is awesome, so inspiring. Looking forward to reading all your updates and following your yoga journey.

  2. Hi Rebecca!
    I am so happy that I read your post right before September started! I am a definite newbie when it comes to yoga, but I think I want to do this challenge. I also struggle with anxiety and I am worried that it will be bad this fall especially with my strenuous school load. I hope you will have a wonderful September full of lots of yoga. Thanks again for posting this!

    <3 Alana Xoxoxo

    1. Hi Alana,
      You are welcome – please keep me updated with how you get on – perhaps we can share ideas? I hope it helps with anxiety that’s why I’m taking the challenge on! Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

    2. Hi Alana, Did you start the challenge? If not, it’s never to late, and if so, hooray – how are you getting on? Would love to follow your journey, so pop me your social media deets so I can follow! x

      1. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for checking in with me 🙂 I have been practicing really gentle yoga everyday so far in September, but I haven’t done anything in social media yet. How are you getting on?
        My instagram handle (is for my cat, but she talks about me a lot… lol) alleyjandras_adventrues
        I’ll see you there and thanks for checking in with me 🙂

        <3 Alana

      2. No worries! That’s amazing – good work! Some days I do a lot and others are short sequences before bed. Today’s the first day I felt really good.
        Oh I’m jealous you have a cat. I’d love one – we’re just not around much. I will go an follow you on social now – I’m @r_henders!
        Bex xxx

  3. I’ve been doing yoga pretty regularly for about 6 months, but I’m starting to slack off a little bit because my life is crazy right now! I’ll be joining the challenge just to get myself back on the mat, if not every day, then at least most days. Thanks for posting this!

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