A spa day at Southampton Harbour Hotel

Bex sat on a comfy chaise lounge in the relaxation room of a spa. She's wearing a big white fluffy robe and looks relaxed.

ᵃᵈ* How often do you get a whole day to yourself, responsibility free, and getting pampered?

No, I know, not that often, so when they come around you’ve got to make the most of them!

Recently the team at Southampton Harbour Hotel were unbelievably kind and invited me to try out HarSPA, a beautiful zen zone packed full of tranquil treats.

This spa in central Southampton is a real hidden gem in the city. Take a look because everyone needs a little luxe in their life now and then and this might be just the right escape for you, it certainly was for me!

It's a picture of the end of the hotel, which look like a giant cruise ship and a moody sky in the background.

On arrival my spa package included a morning smoothie packed full of berries and bananas to start my day right. Er, Harbour Hotels, it’s like you know how I like to start my day!

After getting checked in and finishing the refreshing smoothie I swapped my jacket for a cosy towel robe and headed into the spa.


The building is gorgeous, very modern, lots of long seeping lines, curves all in very calm neutral tones. The entrance looks more like an art museum with a sweeping spiral staircase that takes you up to the treatment rooms, gym and changing rooms.

The entrance to the spa is a large room which has a central spiral staircase surrounded by green moss plants. Everything is white and it looks like a posh art gallery, it's very modern and minimal.

I decided to arrive a few hours before my appointment to make the most of the access to the spa facilities and to start relaxing before heading to the massage appointment.

This was really beneficial because, I don’t know about you but, sometimes I struggle to relax and I wanted to get over that feeling so I could make the most of the massage.

I took myself into the relaxation room and took some time to do absolutely nothing.

A relaxation room with a tea station, plenty of chaise lounges each with a lamp, pillow and duvet. The room is white and beige and very calming.

After letting my brain decompress and half-meditating-half-sleeping for a little bit I then wrapped myself in a big cosy duvet and caught up on the latest magazines. I slowly eased into the day and found my pace…slow!

A circle table with a mirror top full of fashion magazines, fruit tea and the photo is taken from above so you can see Bex's feet too.

The hotel had all my favourites, hello to some serious time with the latest issues of Vogue and Cosmopolitan. I also took with me the latest Blogosphere magazine too – perfect!

Bex's hand holding the Blogosphere magazine, a publication written by bloggers for bloggers

It meant that by the time I got to the massage I’d managed to get out of my head, I felt calmer and was ready for the benefits of a massage.

Temple Spa Massage

Forty five minutes can seriously change the way you feel.

I walked out of the treatment room on a cloud after a back and scalp massage that made me seriously mellow and my muscles so much looser.

A picture of Bex, she has a rosy glow, no make up, is wearing a head band and a dressing gown and she looks very relaxed and a bit sleepy!
Post massage I look very chilled and have big hair.

My therapist Anca did a detoxifying, deep tissue massage using Temple Spa oils that smelt out of this world.

The ‘Work It Out’ massage oil was a blend of Juniper, Lavender and Cypress that have detoxifying properties. It also helped that Anca worked on all the knots and tension in my upper and lower back – she really listened to me on the pressure too, I said I like really firm massages and she delivered.

(FYI – I like them very firm but she did check in with me though to make sure I was happy with the pressure and would have adjusted accordingly.)

I’ve not had a scalp massage before and I loved it! If you enjoy someone playing with your hair, it’s like that but amplified, and my hair was so big afterwards that it looked like a lion’s mane.

The inside os a spa treatment room at the Southampton Harbour Hotel. There are products on the side, a basin, a big mirror and a therapists table covered in fluffy white towels

Post massage I was in a state of bliss and like I said earlier positively floating on a heady mix of oils, feeling totally relaxed. I honestly can’t remember when I felt like that, it was a wonderful feeling that I’m definitely going to try and capture more often.
A close up photo of Bex's hand holding a tiny wooden tub of bright red raspberry ice cream. It looks frosted and a clear plastic spoon is sticking out out of the pot.
The after massage raspberry ice cream was such a delicious treat too!

Swim, Sauna and Steam

Bex in a white fluffy robe stood in front of the bright blue swimming pool

I was so happily mellow that I didn’t know what to do with myself afterwards, so I went and sat in jacuzzi which was lovely and warm with powerful jets and bubbles.

The hotel's long swimming pool, the walls are covered in tiny white pearl mosaic tiles.

Then I went for a little swim, took a bake in the sauna followed by a cold shower and then the steam room followed by another cold shower. I mean you really have to be brave to have a cold shower because ‘Brrrrr’ what a shock to the system but, I felt revived!

A picture from above showing Bex's foot stepping into the swimming pool, the stairs in the pool are covered in blue pearl mosaic tiles.

That to me felt the right time to get some food so I went and had a great shower and very unwillingly gave up that big white fluffy robe.

FYI – the spa had GHD hairdryers and straighteners so you can do your hair, such a bonus and so nice not to have to lug all of that stuff with me! It also had good shampoo and conditioner so I didn’t need that either and, even more bonus points, I came home smelling like the spa!

Self Care

After a great start to the year I’m focusing on keeping my well being on the up and this spa day could not have been more well timed.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I really struggle to unwind. It’s also hard to notice when you start heading down the slippery slope to not feeling so good.

I’ve decided this year to check in more regularly with myself and schedule in days or activities that will help keep me on the straight and narrow, yes I’ll be embracing those #SelfCareSundays.

Self care comes in so many different forms and a day reconnecting with myself was really beneficial. This is why spa days are really important, I felt so much better just for dedicating some time to myself.

I can’t always do that at home because I feel guilty I’m not cleaning up, or doing life admin or house projects. Do you feel me? Home guilt is REAL.

Getting away from home removed all of those concerns and the time was my own to be totally selfish with. And, there’s nothing wrong with being a little selfish and treating yourself well for self preservation!


A semi circle white bar with green brick style tiles and glasses covering the back wall on shelves. There's also a big coffee machine and a glass display cabinet topped with cakes under glass domes.

The spa has a deli bar cafe situation so you can grab a snack, a healthy lunch or a drink.

A picture of the corner of the spa's cafe, L shaped green sofas are covered in bright zig zag pattern pillows with small round tables and beige chairs. The walls are grey and six brightly coloured patterned paddles are hung on the wall in two sets of three.

I really needed some food once I’d showered and got ready as it was half past two in the afternoon and all that chilling out and being pampered had built up a hunger.

A close up photograph of a plate of salmon salad, there's a filet with big tomatoes and a broccoli pasta and chunks of sweet potato.

I had a tasty salmon salad and a tall glass of Prosecco to complete the day and oh my goodness, what a great end to the day.

Bex posing in front of the spa's big green moss wall, she's holding a glass of Prosecco and she's looking very relaxed.

The massage and spa day at Southampton Harbour Hotel impacted my whole week in such a positive way, I must do this more often.

The picture is of Bex's legs crossed over with the spa slippers on her feet. At the end of the long chaise lounge there's a tea station.

ad* – PR Gifted Experience – Thank you so much to the spa team at Southampton Harbour Hotel, especially my wonderful therapist Anca who I’ll be seeking out again.

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  1. Looks amazing 😊, I think I’ll look into a day at this Spa for some R & R, and a jolly good massage (I like a firm massage too).

    1. Thanks Margaret, it was really good and it’s a lovely space. Southampton doesn’t have many places like this so it’s really useful having something luxury near the centre. Sometimes putting some time aside for yourself is really important.

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