A luxurious start to December at glamorous Gaucho

Soft, dimmed lighting, glimmering chandeliers and jazz provide a sensual back drop to Gaucho.


The famous steak restaurant aims to bring guests a little bit of Argentine life by providing outstanding food, wine and service.

Gaucho has an amazing selection of Argentinian wine!

The beautiful black and gold interior had a similar art deco feel to the Beaufort Bar in The Savoy. It was only after being led through the ground floor that looked like a trendy New York bar, to a lift that went up through one giant sparkling chandelier, and being seated in the centre of the restaurant, that I finally caught my breath.

The beautiful chandelier at Gaucho
Patches of cow-hide pepper the interior
Stylish lighting at Gaucho
The amazing introduction to the cocktail menu at Gaucho

It certainly was not what I was expecting. I had presumed dinner was going to be a quick bite before the show that evening at the O2.  It was a wonderful surprise and treat from my Mum.

The central chandelier and lift in Gaucho
More chandeliers!

From start to finish it was very impressive. It began with a run through of the meat available, with a viewing platter of all the raw cuts displayed, so you can make your selection.

Gaucho’s selection of steaks, and different sauces, marinades and serving styles was very varied. I chose a classic marbled rib eye cooked medium, without any marinades, so I could see if an Argentinian steak is as flavoursome as it’s reputation states. That with some buttery, garlic spinach and chips rounded off my selection.

My delicious rib eye steak at Gaucho

After some delicious chimichurri with dipping breads our meal arrived. The steak did not disappoint – it was one of the best I’ve had out at a restaurant. Tender, succulent and unbelievably tasty, the steak was cooked just right. It was the perfect start to an amazing evening.

A little bit of luxury goes a long way and after a very busy week, a bit of escapism and time out was just what I needed. If you’re looking for a treat I’d definitely recommend a visit. Thanks Mum for such an amazing treat!

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  1. WOWW!!! This looks like a spectacular place to eat and amazing ‘ambience of Argentina’… SOooo glamorous and what a BRILLIANT mum giving you such a fabulous treat! Yum.. xx

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