A historic lunch at Titanic Hotel, Belfast

A slice of cherry bakewell cake with honeycomb ice cream, it's an aerial photograph with a napkin on the table with he Titanic Hotel's logo on it.

In Belfast’s Titanic Quarter there isn’t many places to grab a spot of lunch. When I came across Titanic Hotel I was thrilled to find a great place to eat in the birthplace of one of the most famous ships in the world.

Lunch in a very unique historic setting, well that’s got to be on the travel bucket list hasn’t it? Take a look…

The hotel is in a great location about a 20 minute walk from the main Cathedral Quarter but slap bang in the middle of the Titanic Quarter which is an area of the city under development with a big regeneration scheme and plenty of heritage and museums to explore.

I have to start with how beautiful the hotel is, a little slice of glamour in the Titanic dock on the Maritime Mile. I’m so, so glad we stopped here for food, I bet the rooms are lovely too, I’ll have to investigate a stay for my next visit.

When I went I ate in Drawing Office Two, the heart of the museum and such an incredible space.

Drawing Office Two

I’ve ‘borrowed’ the description from the website because it explains the space and its connections to the Titanic’s history far better than I can.

“This breathtaking room is where many of the world’s most famous ocean liners, including RMS Titanic, were painstakingly designed.
Look out for authentic interior features such as the Villeroy & Boch tiles that encircle the main bar; the same as the ones used for Titanic’s swimming pool and First Class bathrooms! The same craftsmen who worked on the great liners created the fine plasterwork in this room.”
I had no idea I was eaten in the room where they designed the Titanic. The room that lead to a story and film I’ve been a fan of since I heard it when I was little. A room that has a connection to my home town Southampton in Hampshire, England. This is a very cool travel foodie experience.

The bar and restaurant has a very grand style, it’s so elegant with a real luxury vibe and you can’t help but marvel at that three-storey high barrel-vaulted ceiling.

Think big white sweeping arches with plenty of windows allowing the natural light to take centre stage. It’s a very big space, with a 360 bar in the centre that has lounge areas and tables surrounding it.

And, don’t get me started on the stunning sapphire jewel tone velvet sofas, I could have sat there all day soaking up the sun.


Style and substance – the food was excellent! I had a scrumptious chicken Caesar salad that had just the right amount of dressing, parmesan, bacon and lots of very tasty grilled chicken. Best Caesar I’ve had in I can’t remember, I could have eaten it three times over.

The hotel were great about making sure my raw onion allergy was catered for and that there weren’t any anchovies because I just don’t like those and it’s usually a main part of a Caesar salad.

My friend had the salmon with green beans, mashed potato and a creamy lemon sauce and she said it absolutely delicious!

The menu is a great selection of dishes with something for everyone and a few crowd pleasers which keep it unpretentious. Great execution, fantastic service and a unique setting, it makes for a fabulous combination and a brilliant place to have lunch.


When I walked in it was just for a quick lunch but after such a delicious meal we decided it would be rude not to have pudding. I mean, how many times was I going to be in the Titanic Hotel?

Very quickly two warm Bakewell tarts arrived at the table with cream and ice cream. We both swapped the flavour of ice cream that was meant to be with it, I can’t even remember the recommendation but we both switched to honeycomb and it was a good change.

You know what I’m going to say, don’t you? Yes, you do, it was delicious! Was it that good? YES. Could I have gone to town and scoffed the whole cake? Absolutely! 

After an early morning flight and business meetings this was a lovely break in the day to refuel, rest a little and reflect on what we’d learnt on our visit to Belfast so far.

Next time I’d love to go to The Harland Bar for cocktails – it looks like a good place to go in the evening if you’re in this area.

Finding a little slice of luxury anywhere is always a treat. Whatever reason you’re in Belfast, you’ll want to add the Titanic Hotel to your list while you’re in the city.

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