A 15 minute make over for flawless skin at Clinique

Recently I had a quick make over at Clinique* helping me to create a flawless base for blogging and vlogging. Take a look at the results…

I lined up some make overs with some brands to help me nail my on camera look. It’s something I’m trying to get better at and you can only get better if you practice and get expert advice.

I’m definitely improving and this 15 minute fast and furious skin focus has helped me create a better and more flawless base.

I was teamed up with Nicola, in John Lewis West Quay, who’s been with Clinique for 15 years and had so many top make up and skin care tips.

Here I am fierce, fabulous and of course make up free!

Here’s the full on flawless look I picked…

Nicola did a great base so before she continued, so I took a snap before she added on a few bits to finish the look off.

The Pep-start moisturiser was really light weight, adds hydration and absorbs excess oil. This first skincare step is the key to getting a good base and making your foundation work, work, work, work, WORK!

You will get the most out of your foundation if your skin isn’t drinking it up because it’s too dry or for any other reasons.

Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting foundation is a light and can be built for a fuller coverage. It’s great at evening out pigmentation, adding a natural colour and keeping things natural. I really liked it and think that when my next foundation runs out that I’ll give this a go.

Nicola said the brush is important too and it does all the work, she used Clinique’s Foundation Buff Brush to achieve this look.

A quick touch up to the eye brows with the soft brown eye brow pencil, the Chubby Stick highlighter, a tiny brush of ginger pop baked blusher and a slick of oversized orange Chubby Stick on the lips!

Here’s the final look…

Natural girl next door make up, this is make up for every day which translates well to camera and video.

They also gave me a sample of Chubby Stick highlighter to go home and light up my base look with – how kind is that?! I was blown over and it really made my day. I cannot wait to practise using it, apparently if you mix it with moisture surge it makes an amazingly creamy highlighter or all over face base! YAS – I am so here for that.

If you want to see the full video for this Clinique make over watch my April vlog! The Clinique bit starts at 15 mins 15 seconds in!

*Gifted product – OK gang, this is a bit of a mixed one. I booked the appointment myself and during the appointment I was gifted a Chubby Stick highlighter. The gift wasn’t in return for anything, especially not for this blog post, it was just a random act of kindness (I think they saw the dull tones of my face and thought, you know what she needs…more highlighter!). Also, ALL opinions are my own because otherwise (altogether now) what’s the point?!

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