5 Ways to Navigate Lockdown Two

This 5 ways to navigate lockdown two post isn’t here to tell you what to do. There’s no right way to deal with the lockdown situation, you can do what ever you like. Take no notice of anyone who is saying you should or could be doing X, Y or Z. Lockdown, and this whole pandemic is hard enough without adding any extra pressure to do anything with this time.

Read, don’t read, run, don’t run…whatever you choose to do or not do is EXACTLY what you should be doing.

But, if you’re looking for things to do and fancy a couple of suggestions, here’s 5 ways to navigate lockdown two…

Before we start…

Before we get started, let me just add a bit of a caveat or reiterate the following…

The suggestions in this post, are just exactly that, suggestions. If you don’t want to do anything at all and ‘Be still like vegetables. Lay like broccoli.’ as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman would say, then you do that and enjoy it. If you want to run around and exercise until you look like Joe Wicks, then that too is also ok.

If ANYONE is making you feel bad about what you’re doing during this time, well my suggestion is to take no notice of them – unfollow them, mute them, do what you need to do to look after yourself and your mental health. You looking after yourself and protecting your friends and family’s health is the number one priority.

Lockdown 2’s mantra surely has to be exactly the same as the first time – be kind to yourself, to others and of course, stay inside.

No first Lockdown post…

I didn’t really post during the first lockdown. Please don’t mistake my silence during the first lockdown as indifference, my head too wasn’t sure what to make of it all.

There was so much was going on and I didn’t know what to think, say or do. How do you write something to other people in the same situation when you haven’t got a hold on how you feel about it?

To be honest I’m not that much further along in my thought process now. While one minute I’m feeling productive and like I’m dealing with it and the next I have a wobble, I have learnt that it comes and goes and can ride it out a little better. Does anyone else feel like this too?

Things you might find helpful…

I’ve found different things help at different times, and it’s a bit of trial and error. Sometime it depends on what’s happening too, and by that I mean whether I’m on furlough or working from home or working on site. All of these experiences during lockdown have been wildly different. And, obviously as a result different things have helped me through.

Here’s 5 ways to navigate lockdown two…

These are things that I found helpful the first time and hope that they might help you find your way through round two.

The Zig Zag Path in Selborne, Hampshire in 5 ways to navigate lockdown two

Daily Walks

Let’s start with and obvious one but a goodie. If you, like me, suffer from cabin fever, making the most of a daily walk can be very helpful.

As a lover of all things travel, it’s helped me discover the roads, parks and nature reserves within walking distance from my house. And, all those weird paths that I had no idea where they lead too, well now I know where they go.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not every day that I’ve wanted to venture outside. Some week’s I’ve preferred to be cosied up in front of Netflix, with a good book or just at home because I didn’t feel like being outside. Sometimes it’s good to push yourself and others it’s not.

Have a look at some local walks, equally if you live in Hampshire, give these a try…

Five top food shows on Netflix in 2020 in 5 ways to navigate lockdown two

Netflix, completed it!

Every time I think I’ve ‘completed’ Netflix or run out of series there’s another one to lure me back in. During the first lockdown I finally watched some of those series everyone says to watch, as well as re-watching some classics.

If you’re looking for a new Netflix gem, then try one of these funny series that’s going to bring a smile to your face.

  • Schitt’s Creek – a rich family down on their luck start again in a new town.
  • Community – a group of dysfunctional adults return to community college to get an education with hilarious consequences.
  • Sex Education – this UK school comedy focuses on friendship and the inevitable coming of age story.
  • Teachers – it’s not just the kids that behave badly, this series follows one teacher’s love life.
  • Derry Girls – a group of girls navigating school life and growing up in Northern Ireland.

There’s also a whole bunch of travel and food shows you can make your way through too that I put together across Netflix and the Free View channels.

How to Experience Museums from Home

Visit a Museum from the Comfort of Home

Did you know that lots of museums have ‘at home’ offers or virtual tours? No, neither did I. Hello new addiction to the Met and other museums I like all from my sofa in the living room.

This is a wonderful way to spend an hour or two to distract yourself and enjoy some down time.

When it’s easy to feel trapped at home, with a case of cabin fever, there’s something special in being able to discover something new.

My post HOW TO EXPERIENCE MUSEUMS FROM HOME gives a list of some of the top virtual museum experiences from around the world.

A recent discover of mine is that you can now take a virtual tour of Windsor Castle via the Royal Family’s webpage.

Lonely Planet's Ultimate Unite Kingdom Travelist

Enjoy a good book

Anyone else rediscover the joy of reading during lockdown? Having a little extra time meant I had more time to delve into books. If you haven’t picked up a book lately, it’s a great distraction and way to relax.

I’m a big fan of non fiction and plotting out my next travels, so I’ve given my copy of Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Kingdom Travelist a lot of attention recently.


If you’re missing travel…

If, like me, you’re really missing travelling, then this section is for you!

The new lockdown has stifled any proper local adventures and it’s hard. But, there’s still some things you can do to scratch that wanderlust itch.

From discovering local tourism sites, bloggers and the dreamiest YouTube travel videos you’ll find my TOP WAYS TO KEEP THE WANDERLUST AT BAY blog full of ideas.

It’s a great way to plan for post pandemic life and discover some new places that you’ve not considered before. Researching big trips takes so much time and now is the time to capitalise on any spare moments you have to look at things you really want to do.

5 ways to navigate lockdown two

This is the first chattier post from me in a while and I hope ‘5 ways to navigate lockdown two’ has helped just to take the edge off a little bit.

Being at home can be quite isolating and I think sharing these feelings shows the we are not alone in our thoughts and actions.

It’s always good to chat with friends and family on one of the many video chat platforms too. Even if you’re not in the mood, it can do wonders to lift the spirits and a reminder that none of us are alone in this.

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5 ways to navigate lockdown two

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    1. Ha ha it’s hard not to love that film! I’ve struggled too lately, especially as work get busier. Plus you’re right, it’s suddenly got so cold on the south coast of England Brrrrrggghhhh! Chilly! What’s been getting you through?

  1. Hey girl! Big jumpers and a variety of got drinks have kept me going. I started blogmas a week early this year which has helped to to keep a routine, in all honesty I just want to snuggle up in bed each day with sweets and movies. Trying to keep a bit if structure x

    1. It’s been hard, I don’t think anyone’s escaped how hard this year has been. Well done for starting Blogmas early! Just ordered myself a big jumper as I think you’re on to something there!

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