FitLiving UK – the fitness show by the beach

The second week of the #yogagirlchallenge, to do #yogaeverydamnday during September, found me heading to FitLiving UK. Find out about my day at the show and day nine of the challenge.

I’ve had to break up the blog post for the second week of the #yogagirlchallenge. The post was gigantic!

It’s a bit of a ramble as I’ve tried writing my daily yoga journey as diary entries. Hope you enjoy it!

Day 9 – Saturday 9 September
Bournemouth is such a babe! Swoon! P.S. Filters hide storm clouds quite well!

Late last night my boyfriend and I decided to haul our butts out of bed and give up our lay in to head to Fit Living UK’s fitness festival in Bournemouth.

The brief moment the storm stopped for half an hour and the sun came out. Apart from this brief moment it bucketed down!

I’d seen it in in the newspapers for ages leading up to the event and I’d really wanted to go but had forgotten about it until the social media really increased promoting it. When we booked last minute tickets I was so excited. We decided to book exhibition tickets because it was pouring with rain and the storm was still going to be raging the next day.

Ok, so I’m not going to lie, in the morning I struggled to get up. I was over-tired, irritable and with the clean eating ‘diet’ I’ve been on I was calorie deficient and HANGRY. I mean I was practically green, like the incredible hulk, barking one word answers at my boyfriend. Poor Henry!

To top things off, I then spilt a whole medium latte from Costa all over my car. I mean everywhere, to the point where we had to pull in to a service station so I could mop up the milk paddling pool I’d created for myself.

I was so worried this was going to set the tone for the day. But, I was excited to get food and head down to the festival, so I tried to focus on that.

In the car on the way down we put on some classic tunes, in the form of By the Way by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and we sang out hearts out to the album. It’s a classic and I can always listen to it from start to finish. This definitely put me in a better mood by the time we got there – phew!

When we arrived the exhibit was split into three main areas; the stalls, the classes and the beach area. I think when we both realised the scale of the event we wished we had some kit with us to upgrade our tickets to get involved. Oh well, we know for next year!

Classes at FitLiving UK
Smaller class areas were complemented by a very large main hall and several arenas on the beach

There really was something for everyone there. Weights, strength training, classes, clothing, supplements, accessories, yoga and even classes from Richard Callender from The Biggest loser and Chico. Yes, it’s Chico time, that Chico! Turns out he’s now a fitness buff running Blockfit and taking the work out world by storm.

I’ve picked out a couple of my real favourites from the show, as I thought you might like to hear about them.

The first is Booband. For the fuller chested lady or chap, oh yes I went there, this band goes across the chest above the breast. It keeps things in place during exercise. I reckon this is will be a real help for those that struggle with the boob juggle. I’d really like to try one of these as the lady also recommended them for people doing sport where you bend over a lot like yoga – it protects your modesty!

Next up is The Big Bottle Co, I’ve been stalking this company on Instagram as their feed is full of colour and fun posts. I didn’t think I’d be able to buy one in the UK given that it’s an Australian company. Thankfully they’ve spread the bottle love to the UK and I finally got one at the show! I opted for the frosted grey/black with a rose gold lid, I can’t wait to take it to work and up my water intake.

The bottle is 2.2 litres which is the recommended amount you should drink per day. So it’s great if you’re aiming to drink more each day. I am, so this is perfect, plus they come in great colours that make a stylish addition to your kit bag.

So, this was that day that I allowed myself a treat for the first time in three weeks. YAY!

This is Co Fro, a coconut frozen yogurt which is free from dairy, refined sugar, soya and gluten. It’s the brainchild of @londonpaleogirl who became an advocate of the paleo diet after suffering from glandular fever.

On her mission to recover she’s developed a frozen desert to satisfy her sweet tooth and cut out the unnecessary sugar. It’s delicious and I’m hooked! Healthier choices are hard to come by and this was a welcome boost to my morale! Well done Tess for making something that bridges the gap in the market! 🙌🏻🔥🔥🔥

Last of the cool things I discovered were Gousto and Able and Cole. Both Gousto, a recipe and ingredient subscription, and Able and Cole, a vegetable subscription service, were at the show. We were going to sign up to both as they offer great recipe ideas and take some of the hassle out of food shopping. The only reason we decided to hold of was because we’re just about to start a new fitness and nutrition program. We’re not sure of the details yet, so when we do we’ll know whether these can be a part of it.

Anyway, that was a massive detour, back to the yoga!

Acro yoga blew my mind!

Oh my, wait, I nearly forgot to mention the amazing folks at YogaFit Retreats. They were so encouraging, friendly and the retreats they offer twice a year sound phenomenal. I think we’ll be saving to go on one next year. Just look at the amazing duo above, it was so unbelievably impressive and gave me some real goals to aim for.

They even got Henry involved. This guy was a lot shorter than Henry who is around 6ft 2in but they managed to pull it off and I feel they both ‘had the time of their lives’ with this winning yoga pose. (Oh yes I went there, and? Come on, cut me some slack, you love a cheesy joke here and there!)

The trips involve a variety of sports, yoga and meditation and you can pick what you like. All your food is included and you literally don’t have to think about anything other than what you want to do – sweet!

Outside of the show was a Lululemon double decker bus kitted out with everything you need for yoga and meditation. 

We hopped on the bus for a yoga meditation class where we were taken through some deep relaxation. It was a real welcome break in the day and afterward we both felt refreshed and happy. 

The Bus was beautiful on the outside and inside making it a welcoming environment to do some yoga in.

Lululemon’s bus was an Instagrammers wet dream – picture perfect!

After the class we were given special warming yoga tea and discount off local classes. It was a lovely touch to a relaxing session.

Apparently the bus is touring the UK over the summer visiting different events, towns, cities and festivals spreading the Lulumon calm yoga vibes. What’s great is that in every location they’ve been teaming up with the local yoga scene and yogis to support the yoga community. Nice work Lulumon!

When the class had finished we headed down with our teas to look at the beach activities. However, it was at this stage the heavens opened. By the time we’d climbed the many stairs back up the cliff to the Bournemouth International Centre We were head to toe drenched.

It didn’t ruin our day and we finished it by grabbing a coffee from my favourite coffee place Le Petit Prince in Westbourne.

It was a wonderful end to a fab day. It might have started off on the wrong foot but, it certainly turned right around.

Were you at FitLiving UK? Did you do the classes? What did you think? I’d love to hear about your visit!

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