2017, love it or hate it?

Naughty or nice? What’s been this year’s vice?

I thought it would be fun to share what you’ve loved and hated this year.  It’s time to review the year and look back at the highs and lows.

I’ll start things off…


  • Booking our trip to Australia
  • Getting back in the gym
  • Paddle boarding
  • The return of velvet and sequins
  • A royal engagement – stop judging me!
  • Love Supreme Festival
  • Blog achievements – Vuelio’s top female PR bloggers list and making the shortlist for the UK blog awards
  • A firework trip to Lewes
  • Helping support the first Ted x Talk in Chichester
  • A month of yoga – #yogaeverydamnday
  • A trip to Hastings for my boyfriend’s Birthday to see the Quentin Blake exhibition
  • A mini-break with my Mum to Bristol
  • Discovering Co Fro (frozen coconut yoghurt) and Lush’s Outback Mate soap
  • Getting rid of my stress eczema!
  • Finally getting to see Maddie and having a fun time seeing Gorillaz VIP – #backsstage
  • Seeing my friend Lisa and going to Arundel Castle
  • Getting Christmassy with my boyfriend’s parents at the local Christmas market
  • Taking my Mum to Hampshire’s lavender fields
  • Seeing John Mayer at the O2 with the man I love – oh yeah, cheese, pure amazing cheese
  • Making some progress in the house – my sewing machine finally has a home and our spare room has a bed!
  • Turning 30 at the Sky Gardens in the Walkie Talkie Building in London, going to The Pig and being surprised with a Choccywoccydoodah Birthday cake
  • A greater awareness of plastics in the seas and a move to do something about it
  • The return of Blue Planet
  • The Great British Bake Off not being terrible now it’s moved to Channel 4
  • The last has to be actually getting to go to Australia and filling a lifelong dream!

I’m sure there’s stuff I’ve missed too!


I had to break this down into world and personal…


  • All the hateful terror attacks in Istanbul, France, UK, United States, Australia to name a few
  • Russia decriminalising domestic violence (providing the offence has not caused serious injury)
  • Brexit – everything to do with Brexit
  • Continued Erdogan nonsense in Turkey
  • North Korea missile testing
  • The US withdrawing from the Paris climate accord
  • Trump – need I say anymore?

So much more I could add to this but it’s making me so sad that all of these things happened in one year.


  • Getting really bad stress eczema
  • Hurting my knees
  • My art classes finishing – I miss them so much!
  • Not seeing my friends enough
  • Not being able to afford to go to more festivals and gigs
  • Losing three quarters of my hair – I will explain this in another blog post when I get the courage. It’s been emotional. For now all you need to know is I’m not sick and that I have bad hair all the time.
  • Ed Sheehan dominating Spotify, the chart and our airwaves. Sorry Ed. #unpopularopinion

Ok, so when I started this list, I really couldn’t even think of three things I loved. Then once I got going I was like, HOLY MOLY, I am so thankfully for such a jam packed year of great family, friends and adventures. Let’s focus on the positives!

You can share one thing or ten things but think back on the year and let me know some of your highs and lows. The only rule is that if you write a low, you have to accompany it with a high! Silly or serious, all highs and lows are welcome.

What did you love and hate?

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