10 TV shows to watch for travel inspiration in 2020

10 TV shows to watch for travel inspiration in 2002

Here are 10 great travel shows, films or series to lift you up, take you on a journey and get your mind pondering over where in the world to visit next.

From chuckles with comedians to serious travel journalism, there’s a little something to appeal to every kind of traveller on this list. And, so much to watch you’ll not be bored in your down time between trips!

Delve into current shows streaming on Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Channel 4’s All 4.

1. Travels with my Father

View on Netflix

Ok, so I’m kicking this list off with a bit of light hearted humour. UK Comedian Jack Whitehall’s blend of stiff upper lift and private school illness make him an incredible endearing character.

He clearly loves his Father very much and their travel adventures together are a hilarious jigsaw of the weirdest experiences and well-trodden routes.

Amazing locations, experiences and a healthy dose of humour keep things light hearted. If you need a chuckle right now – this one’s for you!

2. Expedition Happiness

View on Netflix

Follows a couple who settled in Berlin but were not happy in their life endeavours.

Both reject a traditional lifestyle and knew they had to go travelling again together.

I’ve only just got into this show but it’s like a real life travel blogger only in a Netflix series.

If you like this also watch ‘Pedal the World’ a ‘prequel’ to ‘Expedition Happiness’ – also on Netflix.

3. Our Planet

View on Netflix

You guessed it David Attenborough narrates this incredible series, and I’ve not finished it yet, I’m trying to spread it out because it’s so beautiful.

It’s not really a travel show but it showcases incredible parts of the planet that make you want to go and explore.

Insane videography, stunning shots and that familiar voice make this the ultimate show to watch for a bit of escapism.

In fact there’s so many Attenborough documentary’s for you to get lost in like Blue Planet and Planet Earth!

4. Simon Reeve

View on BBC iPlayer

Simon has a lovely style, and one of his shows currently on the BBC follows him on a journey around the world and another ‘Caribbean with Simon Reeve’ documents his experiences across the islands he visits.

Two great series which will really open your eyes to travel in very different places. I like them both for different reasons – the Caribbean show is so colourful though and I l

It is very BBC and definitely has that great voice of authority while adding in those aspirational travel elements and incredible imagery.

Again, just search Simon Reeve and there’s loads of his travel shows each focusing on a different location.

5. The Travel Show

View on BBC iPlayer

This BBC staple is a proper grown up travel show – it’s kind of like a news show for travel.

Expect the latest trends, influences on the travel industry and some brilliant top tips.

6. Travel Man: 48 Hours in…

View on Channel 4’s All 4

We’ve had a few very grown up suggestions so another comedian is up next!

Richard Ayoade, you’ll know him from The IT Crowd and Big Fat Quiz of the Year.

His signature style of humour combined with a travel show is just genius. This is a gem of a travel show in easy to digest half an hour shows.

Again, plenty of laughs, just what you need for a pick me up in the evening.

7. The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan

View on BBC iPlayer

Follow Romesh as he travels the globe often getting himself into hilarious or uncomfortable situations.

Another comedian travel show but hey, it’s what I enjoy and I love that travel can make you laugh.

Quirky holidays and being out of his comfort zone is Romesh’s speciality and the show doesn’t go to your average holiday resort. Don’t expect your average destination choices, this is more Sahara than Spain!

8. Cuba and the Cameraman

Want an interesting take on Cuba? Well this one’s for you.

Cuba is really high on my travel list and this film takes a very different look at the country, the history and its relationship with one of its notorious governors – Fidel Castro.

I felt like this was a bit of a history lesson, as well as a great look at the country, it’s laced with great snippets of Cuban music to channel that has you wanting to book that flight!

9. Extreme Engagement

View on Netflix

Australian’s Madam and Tim get engaged and this spurs the couple to travel the world to learn about different marriage and courting customs.

It’s a beautiful show that shows a connection between cultures and relationships through travel.

I’m only one episode deep so far but I can’t wait to see how their journey develops.

The video work is stunning and they capture some beautiful aerials and angles that will have you hooked before 10 minutes are up.

10. The Kindness Diaries

View on Netflix

Can you barter your way around the world? Logothetis probably could with kindness!

This show is all about connecting people and really shows the human side of different cultures which is truly inspirational.

The show offers a very different perspective and I wasn’t sure what to expect from the opening credits but, ride out the first 15 minutes and you’ll see how kindness takes Logothetis on a journey starting in Alaska.

This is the second series, I haven’t watched the first one yet. The shows are short and snappy between 20 and 30 minutes so perfect if you’ve got a busy evening and just want to fit something in around what you’re doing.

Update: I’ve just finished the series and there’s so many unexpected surprises. I cried a lot! And, watch out for the ‘gifts’ in each episode – he’s like travel Oprah, or Ellen – ha ha!

These 10 series, films and documentaries should keep you going for a while!

I’ve certainly made a few additional discoveries that have gone on to my watch list. I’m trying to curate what I watch a bit more, and this list was a great way to help do that.

I haven’t included Sky shows purely because I flat out cannot afford Sky, I bet there’s loads on that service too worth checking out!

Happy viewing!✌🏻

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