10 Hampshire Coffee Roasters

I have found some awesome Hampshire coffee roasters that will make your ‘at home’ coffee experience infinitely better.

Coffee lovers, here’s 10 that are worth getting delivered for your morning aero press, cafetière, moka pot, drip pour or reusable coffee pods …

We are incredibly lucky to have a thriving coffee roasting scene and growing coffee scene in Hampshire.

Discover the amazing coffee you can purchase in the county. I’ve put the Hampshire coffee roasters into alphabetical order, out of fairness as they are all very different and offer high quality roasts.

Coffee Mongers, Lymington

First on the Hampshire coffee roasters list is Coffee Mongers. Four friends have brought mega coffee to the New Forest and Hampshire and I’m keen to get over to the shop to properly check it out. They also have a healthy amount of home brewing equipment that I’d like to take a look at too.

The Liberatrix – Gran Colombia blend is really good, I got through a bag rather quickly. Now I’d like to try some of the other blends and single origin beans.

I am pretty certain this is the coffee they serve at my favourite restaurant The Pig in Brockenhurst and Room 2 Hometel in Southampton.

There seems to be really nice packaged for special occasions and holidays. I can see on Instagram that I missed out on coffee bean sack stockings at Christmas and, I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty sad about it.

Coffee Mongers one of Hampshire's Coffee Roasters
Loving the Coffee Monger’s set up in Lymington – I want to hang out there!

Explorer Coffee Roasters, Gosport

This Hampshire coffee roaster is a small batch company run by Military Veteran Neil. While there’s a focus on coffee, he also sells tea and hot chocolate which look rather good too.

There’s plenty of blends and origins to try – all with names relating to exploring and adventuring which is a lovely twist on the more conventional coffee names.

Neil has roasted from his home since 2018 and is a keen attendee of Hampshire’s outdoor shows. You might see Explorer coffee at the fairs and shows through the county.

Explorer Coffee one of Hampshire's Coffee Roasters

Forest Edge Roasting Co, New Forest

A lovely boutique roastery in the New Forest, run by Robyn. She travelled and learnt barista skills from around the world and came back with a new found respect for coffee and a commitment to sustainability within the industry.

Forest has a focus on sustainable practices from ground to cup, striving for a product that benefits everybody. It uses a selection of recyclable, reusable and biodegradable packaging. More and more companies are going down this environmentally sustainable route and I am so pleased.

Single origin and blends can be bought separately but Forest also has a great selection of packages and bundles which mean you can try more out for your money. That’s always useful when you’re trying something new and looking for the blend or origin you like best.

This is a new discovery for me, and I’m not sure I’ve had this coffee before. That’s the great thing about doing some research you find great new places to try. And, I love a new coffee discovery!

Forest Edge Roasting Co one of Hampshire's Coffee Roasters

Hayling Island Coffee Society, Hayling Island

Don’t be put off by the website, the Instagram for Hayling Island Coffee Society is a much better reflection of the brand!

The Hewitts use their Salvadorian and English heritage, influences and experiences to find great coffee and the best roasting practices. They also give helpful advice to get the most out of your beans depending on your chosen method of brewing.

The FAQ section is full of useful info and the Discovery Club is a subscription service with lots of great options for home brewing.

I haven’t tried this before but the reviews look great and it’s gone on my list to sample.

Hayling Island Coffee Society one of Hampshire's Coffee Roasters

Moon Roast, Alresford

Moon Roast is a family affair, four generations have been working in the coffee and tea trade and local roasting began in 2012.

With a focus on small batch many of their roasts have achieved ‘Great Taste’ awards. I’ve had the coffee at the Alresford Show and at T&Thistle in Southsea and I’ve added it to my list to order from next. I like the look of the subscription service and cafe, so I really must pay them a visit soon.

Roastery tours, brew guides and subscription services – they really do it all and I really want to go on one of their home barista coffee courses.

Moon Roast one of Hampshire's Coffee Roasters

Peaberry Coffee, Andover

After Gerald started selling coffee in 2003 from his coffee van to commuters at Andover train station he realised the quality of the roasts he bought fluctuated. Not happy at the though of serving a sub standard coffee he set up Peaberry Coffee Roasters in 2013.

The lovely array of blends are matched with beautiful illustrations which are also featured on the re-usable home storage tins.

I’d really like to try their Peace & Hope blend, one he created after a visit to Nicaragua. The estate grows mandarin, cacao and walnut and banana trees high in the hills around Matagalpa. The plants grown around it influence its flavour and I think it sounds delicious.

Peaberry Coffee one of Hampshire's Coffee Roasters

River Coffee Roasters, Winchester

‘Rivers flow all over the world, connecting country to country, bringing us together.’ This roaster is all about community and sourcing beans directly from the communities and people.

At the moment I have a bag of the ‘Source’. It’s a blend of washed processed coffee from the Timana and Jinotega regions of Colombia and Nicaragua. It’s caramel, plummy and berry undertones make for one delicious blend. I’ve had a few others too and they’ve all made a really cracking brew.

River Coffee supplies some of my favourite cafes in Hampshire. Two of note are Hoxton Bakehouse in Winchester, Southampton and Lymington which is more of a bakery than a cafe and Hideout Coffee, an incredible doughnut and coffee hang out in Portsmouth.

It also has an excellent looking subscription service that I’d like to try.

River Coffee one of Hampshire's Coffee Roasters

SO Roast Coffee Roasters, Southampton

SO Roast is my latest discovery and I’ve bought the whole range to try when we ran out of supplies. Supporting local is something I’m really passionate about. If you’ve read any of my other blogs you’ve probably heard me mention it once or twice.

There are about five blends from traditional bean growing locations around the world.

The Art House Blend had a nice acidity to it and I’ve just started the Rwanda – Gitwe blend which is so smoothe and my favourite so far.

Each packet has a little explanation of where it’s come from, and why those conditions have influenced the beans. This is alongside the normal tasting notes that you often see on coffee packets.

SO Roast Coffee one of Hampshire's Coffee Roasters

Sunday Coffee Roasters, Portsmouth

This boutique coffee roaster started off the back of the Canvas coffee shop in Portsmouth’s train station. The coffee is amazing there, and I always try to get an early train so I can pick up a drink.

The coffee is named after roasting beans on a Sunday when the coffee shop was closed. The hobby quickly escalated from finding better blends to serve in the cafe to becoming a wholesaler and online shop.

Sunday roast one of Hampshire's Coffee Roasters

Winchester Coffee Roasters, Winchester

The owner of Winchester Coffee Roasters is on a mission to bring the Australian standard of coffee to the UK. After spending significant time down under he was disappointed with the UK coffee scene and set about making a change.

Now with a successful coffee roasters, they have also set up a coffee school. At the school you can learn everything from improving your at home coffee making skills to becoming a trained barista.

I’ve tried a couple of the blends, they really know their coffee, and I have been eyeing up the courses at the school for a while now.

Winchester Coffee one of Hampshire's Coffee Roasters

Hampshire Coffee Roasters

It really feels like Hampshire’s coffee scene is thriving with all these wonderful roasters on our doorstrep.

Some of these 10 Hampshire coffee roasters are firm favourite and other are new discoveries. It’s certainly expanding my ordering list and I’m excited to sample some new blends.

Have you tried any of these? Where do you normally get your coffee from? Let me know in the comments below…

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