🧘🏼‍♀️Getting back into yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️

Getting back on the mat is so important to me. I’ve had a break from yoga and I miss it. I miss the flexibility in my body and how it clears my mind.

So recently I headed back to yoga, starting with a session in the park with my favourite teacher Jeneen, to start working and spending more time on myself again.

Join me on my first class and the moves that I did to start getting back into yoga.

Yoga in the park in Southampton
Back on the mat!

Jeneen is a great yoga teacher and always shows variations on the position so you can do it to your ability and ways to try and push yourself further but only if you want to. She’s so relaxed and I feel that really rubs off on me – it’s exactly what you need after a long day!

Yoga teacher Jeneen!

Yoga is so good for my mind and I’m feeling so much better for an evening getting back into moves. It’s bitter sweet as I’m so happy to be doing it again and it leaves me feeling calmer and like the best version of myself but I’m sad that I stopped.

We did a whole hour of yoga and it was a gentle introduction for my first time back on the mat.

Here’s a few of moves that are great to do if you’re looking to get back into yoga too. 😘

Childs Pose


Cat Cow



It was a glorious evening in Town Quay Park, the residents have let Jeneen use the space to teach yoga. It’s a fantastic idea and a portion of the class fee is being given to the park to fund their new flower bed. Brilliant!

If you live locally, it’s well worth going, it’s £5 and every Thursday at Town Quay Park! Come down and get involved!

Loving being back on the mat!


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  1. It is a good energizer for the beginning of the day, here in Argentina is a little cold to do outdoor yoga but exercising for a while at home is always a good idea! Best regards

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